TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "Heroes vs. Villains" Recap

By Evan Yeong


Chris McLean’s jail time is up, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for even more TOTAL DRAMA! Returning to the newly decontaminated Camp Wawanakwa, our excited (and slightly deranged) host is back to host a brand new show, one that will pit past competitors against one another for a grand prize of $1,000,000.

The contestants are split down the middle, with seven originals from TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND and seven newer contestants from TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE ISLAND. Chris splits the teens up further by dividing them into two teams based on their past performances: the Heroic Hamsters (Cameron, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra, and Zoey) and the Villainous Vultures (Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, and Scott). After Jo angrily points out that they’re down a member their host gives her team the robot, Drama Machine.

As an added incentive for each challenge, the losers will sleep in the same old gross cabin as past seasons, while the winners will get to spend the night in the all new, eco-friendly McLean Spa Hotel complete with butler, hot tub and 24-hour masseuse. There are comfortable beds on the line and a pile of money at the end of it all, so let the first ever season of TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS begin!



The contestants’ first challenge is a combination of two they’ve faced in the past: jumping off the thousand foot tall cliff into shark-infested waters, grabbing a key from the bottom of the lake and then being pushed in a baby carriage back to the Spa Hotel to see if it fits the lock. Courtney shoves Lindsay, choosing her as pusher for The Heroic Hamsters; Jo lies about being a cart driving champ and is pusher for the Villainous Vultures.          

Things take an embarrassing turn when Sam’s fear of sharks causes him to cling to a rock instead of diving. A scuffle knocks Drama Machine off the cliff and into the water, where it explodes and unleashes ALEJANDRO? While his legs don’t work after being stuck in the robot suit for an entire year, he is pushed to the Spa Hotel easily, where his key opens the door.

The Villainous Vultures win.


Before things get started, one villain gets a special reward, which Lightning jumps at. This turns out to be an exile to Boney Island, full of hungry wild animals. It’s also the one place where he can find a McLean-Brand Chris Head, which could save him from elimination.

With one of the Heroic Hamsters about to be sent home, it’s up to the team members to draw an X on the 8×10 photo of the person they want gone. Lindsay plans on spending the money on a lifetime supply of lip gloss, but she’s at risk for her terrible driving skills. When it comes to her vote, she draws an X on her own face! She’s the contestant who doesn’t get a marshmallow and it’s off to the Flush of Shame (patent pending) for her.

Lindsay is eliminated.


Things are still pretty rough between Courtney and Gwen, with the former still angry that the latter “stole” her boyfriend Duncan. Gwen isn’t too thrilled that that’s the reason why she got put on the villain team, either. She tries to apologize later with flowers, but Courtney is super allergic and it’s viewed as an act of malice.

Alejandro’s back, too. That was pretty dramatic.

As for Lindsay? Well, let's just say she's hanging out with the gators… 

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