TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "Saving Private Leechball" Recap

By Evan Yeong


Last week’s episodes proved that sometimes a year’s worth of lip gloss just isn’t worth it, and that Lightning may strike the same place twice, but he won’t make it past the second elimination ceremony. A new day dawns at Camp Wawanakwa with the Heroic Hamsters waking up to a perfect breakfast (Maple! Bacon!) at the Spa Hotel, but it’s only too soon that they’re forced to face off against the Villainous Vultures in yet another ruthless competition.


In a callback to Total Drama Action, it’s time for the contestants to play some old fashioned war games. The difference now is that Chris McLean is on parole from prison and one of the conditions is that he “can’t use or be around hard projectiles like paintballs.” The substituted ammunition: LEECHES. With a large box filled “a bunch of cruddy old paintball slingshots,” it’s first come first serve and the Heroes get a full minute head start.

Thanks to some expert manoeuvering, the Villains get to the bigger box first and the leech-lobbing arsenal (complete with cannon) is theirs. Sam’s stay on Boney Island is not a bear-attack-free one and the Heroes hide him in a cave with Courtney as a guard. Then the woods are alive with the sound of parasites flying through the air.

There are plenty of shots that backfire and at least one truly impressive ricochet, but things end up with Jo finding the cave. After trying to take out Courtney, who uses the exhausted Sam as a human shield, it becomes a one-on-one faceoff against Zoey. The redhead’s “seriously impressive skills” allow her to dodge all of the Villain’s bloodsuckers and fling back one of her own.

The Heroic Hamsters win. Again.


No one expects Sam to head back to Boney Island again, and everyone (especially Chris) expects Courtney to. Sierra has been confusing Cameron for her sweetheart Cody, though and his strong dislike of touching causes him to opt for exile.

The Villains Vultures are back on the log stools, awaiting the marshmallows that will ensure their stay. Heather and Jo are up, for “being a pain in the keyster” and “for being a pain in the keyster who also took out her own teammate in today’s challenge” (there was a misfire with the leech cannon). The Vultures are unanimous in their decision on who gets flushed.

Jo is eliminated.

In an EXTRA TWIST, Chris reveals that one villain acted more like a hero this challenge, and vice versa. Courtney’s cowardice leads her to being a Villain, while a selfless act from Duncan makes him a Heroic Hamster.


Things start off with Mike’s evil alter-ego taking Sam’s Game Guy out of his bag and snapping it, though he wakes up with no idea of what he’s done. Later on in the challenge he tries to channel Svetlana for the “stealthy forest manoeuvers” she can provide but isn’t able to. His other personalities’ silence is starting to really freak him out.

Jo and Heather bicker, which disappoints and annoys Gwen. Later on the two apologize and try to patch things up with her, realizing that an alliance with her means an alliance with Duncan as well. Alejandro gets in on that action by flirting a little. Gwen totally knows what’s going on, too, (Go Team Gwen!) but so does Duncan. He takes a leech for her during the challenge, proving that she doesn’t know him quite as well as she thinks she does.

In attempting to warmly welcome Courtney to the Villains team, Gwen accidentally kicks a pail of leeches onto her head. Greeting turns out to be both slimy and sucky instead.