TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "Food Fright" Recap

By Evan Yeong


This past Thursday we were taught a very important lesson: don’t shoot your teammate with a leech cannon if you don’t want to be voted off of the island. We also learned that sometimes villains can perform feats of valour, while some so-called heroes will stoop to cowardly acts. The Heroic Hamsters have bunked in the Spa Hotel for two night in a row, and the Villainous Vultures are itching (some of them literally) for a comeback.


It’s time for a good ol’ fashioned eating contest featuring a stack of pancakes that would dwarf your dinner table. Each player has one minute to eat as much as possible before running through a “nausea-inducing obstacle course” inspired by last season. All together the Bouncy Butts, the Wretched Rolling Pin, a swift kick from the Grape Crusher, and the brand new Salad Spinner should make it nearly impossible not to hurl, an act which results in getting benched.

Oh, and what kind of challenge would be complete without plenty of “booby traps and other feisty ingredients”? Chris McLean’s never heard anyone call fish eyes blueberries before, that’s for sure.

Sierra pukes first, and we’re off to the queasy, painful races. It doesn’t take long for the Villains to outeat the Heroes, until Sam decides to tag in for Zoey and unleash the beast. Alejandro’s in for Heather and they both polish off their stacks like champs. Tapping into his inner “Game Man” Sam powers through the obstacle course, only to fall to dirty tactics from his foe who grabs him as he falls from the Salad Spinner. It takes a well-placed bee sting to cause Alejandro to drop the Hero, and, well-

The Heroic Hamsters win. Again again.

BUT WAIT! At the Elimination Ceremony it turns out that Sam hid pieces of pancake in his pockets in case he had to stay at Boney Island another night. The Heroes forfeit!

The Villainous Vultures win.


With the Villains set to enjoy the luxuries of the Spa Hotel, it’s Scott who volunteers to head out to brave the cold night and vicious animals. Last year he found the invincibility idol in no seconds flat, and he’s confident that with even more time it should be a cinch.

The Heroes are left to eliminate one of their own from the island, and it falls between “Sam the pancake hoarder and Sierra the pancake hurler.” Even though he did win them the challenge, the Heroes all realize that he also ended up losing it for the rest of them.

Sam is eliminated. And clogs the Flush of Shame.


Mike’s evil alter-ego has struck again, this time crushing Sierra’s social media machine. He also throws the Salad Spinner into overdrive because he “can’t resist a little chaos.” This results in Courtney getting thrown a mile in some random direction, but no big deal.

Things are strangely warming up between Scott and Courtney. It begins with him eating some powdered gruel out of her hair and then telling her that “You’re pretty when you’re mad.” She grudgingly acknowledges to the audience that she needs an ally, even if it’s a “smelly, pit stain-y one.” They also both hug each other when they find out they’ve beaten the Heroes.

As Chris points out, “Gwen didn’t accidentally on purpose serve Courtney an ouchie today.” Not only that, but earlier Gwen admits that the only reason she even came back to the island was to patch things up with the other girl. Courtney overhears her crying about it, but opts to stay distrustful.

Duncan is finding it difficult to act like he doesn’t care around the enthusiastic Heroes. They’re rubbing off on him in spite of him fighting it, and even celebrate his joining them with a cake that made him feel like he was “eating the happiest day of [his] life.”


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