TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "Moon Madness" Recap

By Evan Yeong


Seven full days have passed, and it's safe to assume that pancakes were not a popular breakfast item during that time. Apparently finding a swarm of bees in your flapjacks can be a pretty vivid phobia for some people. That’s not a problem for the Heroes’ and their dirt-gravy-flavoured slop, though, and they’ll do everything they can to vanquish the Villains and get back into the luxurious luxury of the Spa Hotel.


A special night challenge awaits our contestants, this one a nod to Season 4’s buried treasure fiasco. The only thing they have to do to win is get their full team to the far side of the island. That sounds easy, but that’s only because no one knew about the “extremely rare blue harvest moon,” which has an “unusual” effect on the island’s wildlife.

The Villainous Vultures are given a handy-dandy map while the Heroic Hamsters are outfitted with “nifty bacon hats and sausage tails.” Then, with the sound of the air horn, they’re off!

That “unusual” effect is that the cute, adorable creatures have become bloodthirsty beasts, and vice versa. Mike suggests that the Heroes follow the villains, but all are attacked by vicious bunnies, chipmunks, sparrows, and even a beaver.

Mike’s alter-ego (who we’ll be calling “Mal” from now on, short for “The Malevolent One”) is awakened by the blue harvest moon, and when added to him having broken Cameron’s glasses is quite the handicap for the Heroes. The Villains are separated when Gwen goes around a rope bridge which she says is pretty obviously a trap.

Thanks to a fearless feat by Sierra the Heroes are right on the remaining two Villains’ tails, racing for the finish line! Unfortunately the blue harvest moon wanes, leaving Mike confused and, more importantly, standing still.

The Villainous Vultures win. Again.


Scott doesn’t miss the chance to spend the night at Boney Island a second time. He hasn’t found the invincibility statue yet and really, really wants it.

He’s not the only one to volunteer, either, because Cameron skips past the voting and offers himself up for the Flush of Shame! Being around Sierra was apparently just too much for the guy.

Cameron is eliminated. BUT HE ISN’T!

Chris McLean reveals that today’s ejected Hero will be tomorrow’s newest Villain!

No one is eliminated!


As mentioned above, Mal is kind of getting out of control. Cameron’s glasses are the third item he’s broken, after Sam’s Game Guy and Sierra’s phone. The blue harvest moon allowed him to wreak maximum havoc this episode, and he said that if he has it his way “everybody loses.”

Zoey’s catching on, though, and even tells Cameron that she saw her boyfriend trip him. Cameron lives up to his team’s name, though, and promises to help his friend after Mike admits to and apologizes about his personality problems.

Courtney finds herself missing Scott, who is cute “in a sloppy, rustic sort of way.” He finds himself attracted to the way she barks orders, probably because his pappy was in the army and his mama was a waitress.

Gwen and Courtney share a joke, but it passes. “So. Close.” Gwen saves Courtney from an evil deer, but the brunette reveals in a confessional that she would not have done the same thing for her.

Heather and Alejandro continue their mind games, with the Spaniard feigning lost interest and the treacherous teenage girl pretending to be affected by the moon. Alejandro’s initially thrown off by her sweet and innocent act, but is forced to respect her as a competitor after she reveals her trick.

Duncan keeps asking Gwen if Courtney talks about him, to the point where she “can’t take it anymore” and breaks up with him. Nice going, Duncan.