TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition" Recap

By Evan Yeong


The Flush of Shame went hungry last week when Chris McLean decided to stick Cameron with the Villains instead of down a gigantic toilet. On a night when alligators want to nuzzle you and bunny rabbits are out for blood that just makes sense, I guess. That does mean that ten contestants remain, though, and every one of them vying for that $1,000,000 prize. Let’s see which nine got that much closer.


This week the challenge takes place in the “Fun Zone,” which is not a building that’s on fire or a pit full of intestines. Instead it’s “the most dangerous place [they’ve] ever been,” which is saying a lot since it’s on the already dangerous Boney Island. The goal for both the Heroic Hamsters and Villainous Vultures is to collect eggs from the terrifying mutants from Season 4 and put them in a basket; first team to six eggs wins.

Things go about as well as you would expect, with everyone doing their best to avoid being smashed and/or eaten by fire-breathing winged mountain goats, a giant multiple-eyed chest-mouthed chicken, and even Larry the Venus flytrap. Eggs are found, of course, but a few hatch to their finders’ frustration.

There’s also an invincibility statue hidden somewhere in the Fun Zone, and Heather manages to locate it inside of, you guessed it, an egg. She stows it away for later, but doesn’t quite look to make sure her hiding place is a safe one.

 It all comes down to Heather, with the last egg for the Villains, and Zoey and Mike who are carrying a nest just filled with eggs. Heather throws a perfect pass, but unfortunately it cracks on Cameron’s head and the most adorable fire-breathing winged mountain goat kid emerges. The Heroes beat the Villains 17/5.

The Heroic Hamsters win.


Mike’s been having some problems, which we’ll get to down below. He volunteers to spend the night at Boney Island and leaves whistling?

Zoey wins a reward for returning the most eggs, and will gain a special to-be-revealed advantage in next week’s challenge.

Someone definitely has to go home this week, and Heather did everything she could to ensure that every one of her teammates’ votes would go towards getting rid of Alejandro. This actually works surprisingly well.

That is until he stands up (gasp!) and reveals the McLean-Brand Chris Head he “found” behind a boulder (double gasp!). Alejandro doesn’t have diplomatic immunity like he proclaims, but he does have immunity from being voted off. Since the one other vote (his) is for Heather she’s the one who’s going home.

Heather is eliminated.


Gwen, being a nice person, gravitates towards Cameron and makes him feel welcome as a Villainous Vulture. At the Elimination Ceremony she tells Courtney that she and Duncan have broken up, and that she’ll vote for whoever the other girl wants. Friendship restored, as far as I can tell.

Sierra’s not doing so well with Cameron on a different team, and her obsession with him is so weird even Chris is feeling uncomfortable.

Mike and Zoey’s relationship is a little rocky because she knows about his evil alter-ego. Their pairing off during the challenge is great, but also leads to the idea that maybe another hit on the head will bring his other personalities back. Later, to protect Zoey, Mike drops a huge boulder on his head which somehow traps him deep inside his own brain. A sinister voice scoffs “Bravo, Mike, that should keep you quiet for a while.”

Duncan is trying to stop being nice and it isn’t working. He hears Mike whistling “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and realizes that it’s the same song he heard back in juvie, whistled by Mal, the guy who ran the place. Bum bum BUM! We can also add Ducan’s knife to the list of things Mal has broken so far.

Finally, Courtney and Scott share a few more romantic moments when she chooses him to team up with and rescues him from a giant mutant gopher. His words of wisdom on the matter: “Whatever doesn’t horribly maim and devour you makes you stronger.”