TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "The Obsta-Kill Kourse" Recap

By Evan Yeong


Chris McLean won’t admit it, but getting kidnapped by a bitter mutant ex-contestant out for revenge kind of shook him up a little. The thing is, that’s actually way worse for the contestants than it is for him. He’s a show host who is happiest when they’re in a little bit of pain, and this week’s challenge is sure to put him in an exceptionally good mood.


Yet another callback to simpler times, this challenge has the contestants facing a new take on Chef’s boot camp from Season 1. Dubbed the Chris McLean Obsta-Kill Kourse (patent pending), there are four named obstacles:

  • The Fun Tires
  • The Rope Slope
  • The Snapping Bars
  • The Duck and Cover

There's also one final, unnamed surprise obstacle right before the finish line. To add insult to the injury they’re sure to encounter, everyone must also wear a heavy pack for the entire challenge. Abandoning it is possible, but doing so will bring on a brutal penalty.

So the Fun Tires have traps galore, some of the ropes on the Rope Slope are “less reliable than others”, the Snapping Bars have a particular species of turtle underneath them, and Chef is a little too trigger-happy with a leech gun as they make their way through the Duck and Cover. This entire time Alejandro and Mal are at major odds with each other (we’ll get into why later).

The final obstacle consists of two wires stretching from cliff to cliff, with the contestants’ packs actually containing valuable ziplines. Alejandro is in the lead, zooming ahead to an easy win, but Zoey and the person she thinks is Mike hang together and use their increased weight to go faster. Mal jumps away from Zoey and onto Alejandro, breaking his carabiner, and they plunge into the water.

Zoey wins.


Zoey’s victory ensures her a night in the Spa Hotel with both Gwen (who won permanent residence last week) and Chris (who is still without a cottage [“Mansion!”]). She chooses “Mike” to join her since he was the key to her winning the challenge.

Gwen’s complaint that she “can’t take another night stuck in that hotel” with Chris causes him to exile her to Boney Island.

Then it’s on to the “fastest voting process in Total Drama history,” with every vote gunning for Alejandro except one. He announces that the show just got “one hundred percent less beautiful!” but gets flushed nonetheless.

Alejandro is eliminated.


This entire episode revolves around Alejandro trying to tell everyone that Mike is Mal, a person who does evil things, and Mal actually telling everyone that it was Al who did those evil things. We all know who ultimately succeeded there.

Mal is forced to eliminate the Spaniard after Alejandro reveals that he knows his secret, and even has a DVD as blackmail. The jump from one zipline to the other was actually the evil alter-ego trying to find out where it was located. They fall before he can find out, though.

Deep inside his brain both Mike and Chester find Svetlana making fish statues out of butter. While on the Snapping Bars Mal channels her personality, forcibly using her gymnastic abilities to take out Alejandro. Mike frees Svetlana, adding yet another ally to his cause. Mal knows what he’s up to and is not too happy about it.

Zoey and “Mike” have been having some pretty great couple time, working together during the challenge. Even so, she’s suspicious after seeing him bring up Svetlana (which he said he couldn’t do anymore) and hearing Alejandro refer to him as “Mal”.

Scott’s sad about the breakup, and is eating dirt to get over it. Courtney finds him and tells him that Cameron is gone, “so [they’re] back together, end of story!” He’s fine with that, but still somewhat mistrustful.

Courtney really doesn’t want Gwen to find out about her kissing both Cameron (albeit accidentally) and Scott, and she confides this information to Zoey early on. Later Zoey and Gwen are talking and laughing which makes her jealous and suspicious. Courtney accuses them of gossiping about her secret, ultimately revealing it in the process. Her and Gwen talk about it, though, and everything works out.