TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "The Bold and the Booty-ful" Recap

By Evan Yeong


Gwen. Scott. Zoey. Mike. And Mal. The villainous persona has been slipping lately, and he wants more than just complete control of Mike’s body, he wants the million dollars, too. With the finale coming up next week it’s a full-scale fight to see who gets flushed and who gets that much closer to getting their hands on the prize money.


Sick of “roughing it” in the Spa Hotel, Chris McLean decides to distract himself by tasking the four remaining contestants with finding, and bringing back, valuable pirate loot that’s been hidden around the island. The treasure is chosen by picking from one of four chests, with Zoey going first since she won the last challenge. After dealing with the obviously booby-trapped boxes they find that:

  • Zoey must bring back Sasquatchanakwa, or as I will be referring to him, the Yeti
  • Gwen must retrieve an intact portrait of Chris from the “crumbling, life-threateningly dangerous wreck of his former cottage” (“Mansion!”)
  • Scott must collect the McLean Diamond which can be found on or near the abandoned pirate ship set, and is guarded by Fang
  • Mike/Mal must search for the long-lost original Golden Chris Statuette

While Zoey quickly locates the Yeti and Scott makes his way to the ship, Mike/Mal bitterly realizes that he’ll never find his treasure (that’s why it’s “long-lost”!) and decides to play dirty to win.

He first follows Gwen to the demolished cottage (“Mansion!”) and tries to knock her out, but settles for burying her in rubble after she notices him. Then it’s on to Scott, who he promises to help out with Fang, who has the diamond stuck between his teeth. In spite of their plan to work together, Mike/Mal double-crosses him and leaves him to get punched out by the mutated shark.

All the while Zoey has been getting the Yeti to chase her by stealing its eggs, and somehow manages to get it on a log which slides back to Chris. Mike/Mal and Scott show up empty-handed, while Gwen returns with an intact portrait that she’s touched up with berries, mud, and one other substance.

Zoey wins. Again. Again.


Her victory automatically catapults her to the final round, where she’ll be facing off against exactly one other opponent. The first person to be eliminated is the one to show up either last or with nothing, which should put both Mike/Mal and Scott at risk of getting sent home. Mike/Mal claims that Scott is his treasure, “an injured competitor, [Chris’s] favourite.”

Gwen’s third paint ingredient was bear poop, though, and this causes Chris to projectile vomit. Twice. He opts to flush her “for showing up last and defacing [his] portrait.”

It’s up to Zoey as winner to choose who stays and who goes, and she decides to make good on her promise and bring Mike to the finale with her.

Gwen and Scott are eliminated.


This has been a long time coming, but Zoey finally finds the DVD that Alejandro hid behind a Chris McLean painting. Watching it helps her to be fully aware of just how long Mal has been running things, and she confirms he’s in control when he reminds her about the jewellery he gave her (“Mike gave me a necklace, Mal! Not a bracelet, you weasel!”). When it comes down to her choosing him to stick around it’s not just an old promise — it’s because it may be the only way to help get Mike back.

Gwen tries to be friendly with Scott, but Mike/Mal has just reminded him that it’s her fault Courtney’s gone and it doesn’t really work. Right before she’s flushed Gwen tells Chris that she’s never returning to the island, ever.

Back in his head Mike and his three alter-egos come across Manitoba Smith, the final personality. He’s been burning up Mike’s dreams because Mal told him to. After some arguing over who the original is and whether or not it matters they realize that the whole world they’re in is the villain’s creation. Mike frees Manitoba and the five of them set off towards the tower, the only way in or out of this mental jail.