TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS: "The Final Wreck-ening" Recap

By Evan Yeong


Mike and Zoey, the story of two contestants who liked each other and actually made it work. They survived Revenge of the Island with an actual relationship intact, and began this new season determined to end Total Drama All-Stars together. Now that they’re there it’s more than just the prize money that’s on the line, it’s control of Mike’s body and any possible future together.


Zoey replays the DVD of Mal’s greatest hits, and wonders about her boyfriend. “That doesn’t mean that Mike’s not in there, right?” In the meantime, Mal mocks her devotion to Mike, while the original personality and his four alter-egos make their way to the foot of the tower in his brain.

Mal/Mike thanks Zoey for bringing him to the finale, only for her to tell him that “I didn’t do it for you, I did it for Mike!” He tells her that the kind guy she knew is never coming back. He’s Mal from here on — he's not faking anything anymore.

 Before the real challenge begins, both Zoey and Mal need to choose weapons. She opts for a bow with blunt-tipped arrows while he grabs the meatball bazooka. Their first goal is to pop balloons with previously-flushed all-stars inside, with each ex-contestant freed being their helper. Zoey releases Gwen and Cam (still in the giant hamster ball, but now with just one arm in a sling) and Mal snags Alejandro and Heather.

What awaits them is a challenge “so vicious, so brutal, so savage that their lawyers said [they] had to change it.” So Chris McLean told them that they did. The four returning all-stars are to help their respective contestants face THE MOAT OF DOOM.

Each level has a sliver of safe-ish ground with a tool that will help them proceed past its obstacle:

  • Moat 1 – toxic waste
  • Moat 2 – boiling hot lava
  • Moat 3 – plain ol’ swamp water (“what lies beneath will definitely kill you”)

Once they get to the top they need ditch their helpers and storm the castle. After somehow getting past the “Mad King” (Chef) they must pull the “Sword of Victory” from the stone to win the million dollars.

Right before they start, Zoey asks Cam about Mike, but he tells her that the way things look, he’s probably gone. She buries the necklace he gave her. “Good-bye, Mike, wherever you are.”

Zoey, Gwen, and Cameron get across the first moat using his ball as a raft and bamboo sticks as paddles. This ends up bursting it, but they’re in the lead. Mal uses the bamboo to pole vault across, leaving his helpers behind.

Mike and the rest of them make it to the very top of Mal’s tower. At the centre of the room is a single button, which Chester says is a reset button. Mike is about to push it, when Vinny asks “What happens to us?”

Zoey uses the ladder to cross the lava of Moat 2, but Mal throws both Gwen and Cameron back down to the first level, injuring both of them. Zoey and Mal are up on the third level, now, by the swampy water. Alejandro and Heather are just making their way across the toxic waste in a log canoe.

Both finalists are grappling under the water when suddenly the evil personality is pulled back into his brain. Mike faces him and tells him that his tower is gone, “gone for good.” Although he initially refused to push the button, afraid of losing Chester, Vinnie, Svetlana, and Manitoba Smith, Mike goes through with it when they tell him “we’ll all still be a part of you in a way.” Then he knocks Mal backwards and walks away as the villain disappears.

Back in action, he rescues Zoey from Fang by punching the shark clear out of the water. He tells her that “From now on, I’m Mike. All the time.” She wonders whether to believe him until he asks where the necklace he gave her is. They kiss.

Alejandro and Heather are also kissing, because they can date now that there’s no money to get in between them. This drives Chris McLean crazy. “That’s it! This is the finale! It’s about pain and betrayal! And pain!” He changes the rules so that anyone who gets the sword gets the money.

Mike has all the skills his personalities had, including Svetlana’s gymnastic ability. He and Zoey make it to the very top with no issue from either Alejandro or Heather, who are fighting each other.

Chef fires meatballs at both contestants, but Zoey distracts him by telling him what a great job he’s doing. He shoots her in the face, which allows Mike to seize the sword himself!

Mike wins.

Zoey is proud of him for winning while Chris finds out from the network that they’re okaying another season with a whole new cast. All celebrations are cut short by the island beginning to shake. Cameron finds out from Chef that he built the moats using a fracking machine, which is dangerous to say the least. The entire island sinks to the bottom of the lake, though everyone makes it out fine.

Good-bye, Camp Wawanakwa, we’ve had some great times.

  • Sekaru

    give me the zoey ending or give me death

  • Joey

    So Zoey wins the last 3 challenges and then Mike wins -_-

    • Kevin Ventura

      They both win, since they are a couple they both share the money :)

    • CultureWarReporterEvan

      I could see Mike winning, but definitely not Zoey coming out on top in so many challenges in a row.

  • Noah

    Is there a clip for this episode?