At least a few weeks before your moving day arrives, you will need to make a reservation with a moving company for assistance. Movers have the skills, experience and strength to help you with all of the heavy lifting associated with a relocation. Making a reservation with long distance movers may even need to be done a month or more in advance. Before you make a reservation with a specific company, however, ask the company’s representative these vital questions.


1. Are They Licensed and Insured?
Licensing is required in many locations, but there are some areas where moving companies are not required to be licensed. Insurance, however, is a veritable necessity. The moving company’s insurance policy may protect you against financial loss if any of your items are damaged or lost during the move. Remember to verify that the license and insurance are active by contacting the insurance company and licensing department for more information.


2. Do They Have References?
The best moving company to hire is very experienced and reputable. They may be able to provide you with a list of references of satisfied customers. If not, you can read online reviews from multiple sources to determine what type of experiences they have provided to their different customers in recent years.


3. How Are Your Movers Screened?
Some moving companies hire any movers who show an interest in working for them. They may look for strength and reliability. Other companies, however, may conduct a thorough background check. They may also only hire professionals who have previous work experience in the field and who understand techniques to safeguard items. In addition, some companies require new hires to go through an extensive training program.


4. What Guarantees Are Provided?
You may have heard stories about movers who failed to show up on time or who did not show up at all on moving day. You may have also heard about companies that broke or lost numerous items or that charged a much higher rate than what was originally quoted. Before you make a reservation with short or long distance movers, ask them about any guarantees they offer. In addition, ensure that the company’s quote is firm and will not change on moving day.

Many moving companies are booked weeks in advance, and this is particularly true for weekend moves as well as for peak moving season. Regardless of when you plan to relocate, it is important that you make your reservation well ahead of time so that you have the full amount of support and assistance that is needed. When you ask Premier Van Lines these questions before making a reservation, you can feel confident with your decision.

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