The business that is looking to get to know its customers might take the time to get people together and set up an online research community platform. Once a business has something like that in place, they need to make the most of it and make sure that they are gaining a lot from it.

1. Use an Online Research Community Platform to Learn the Basics About Customers
It is important for a company to know some basic information about its customers. The company with a research community set up can have its customers share about their families, their jobs, and their everyday life. The company can ask questions in its community to get to know what the average customer is like and what it will take to make them happy.

2. Use the Platform to Learn What Customers Want the Company to Focus On
If a company is thinking of getting involved in a charitable cause but they are not sure which one their customers would want to see them support, they can use their research community to help them better understand their customers. If a company is afraid some might hate them if they get involved in a certain cause, they can question their customers in their community to find out if that is true.

3. Share Product Ideas on the Platform to Receive Feedback
When a company has an online community that they are using, they can share product ideas there and get feedback. They can make the members of the research community sign a waiver that says that they will not copy or share the ideas that are introduced to them, and then they can get their customers to let them know if they like those ideas or not.

4. Allow Customers to Speak as They Like on the Platform
When a company sets up an online research community platform, they should allow their customers to have a space where they can share any ideas that they have. They should allow their customers to simply share random thoughts that come into their minds. They should have an area that is free to be used as the members of their community want to use it and that does not require those people to answer specific questions. This can be one of the best ways for a company to get to know its customers and all that they are thinking about.

A company can gain a lot by getting a community set up that features its customers and that allows those people to share their thoughts on the company and its products. You can learn more about online research communities by visiting Recollective.

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