The summer months are probably the time of year that the children in your family spend the most time playing outside. It is also the time of year that pests are most likely to send them running back inside. Fortunately, there are a number of pest control measures you can take that will prevent mosquitos, ants, and other insects from ruining your summer fun whether you and your family are in or outside your home.

1. Yard Maintenence

Pests will oftentimes make camp in your yard before they attempt to enter your home. If you maintain your yard in a way that eliminates overgrowth, you will provide yourself with the first line of defense against these pests. The landscape maintenance activities you should regularly perform include trimming the trees and bushes near your home, removing the debris in your yard, and weeding your lawn and flowerbeds.

2. No Standing Water

Standing water in your yard is an invitation for mosquitos. You should regularly inspect the area around your home for standing water. Places you might check is the area under your air conditioner, the inside of empty flower pots, and any toys that are left in the yard.

3. Prevent Entry

You should make it as difficult as possible for pests to enter your home. This step is especially important to your pest control efforts if insects have already found their way into your yard. Check the screens on your doors and windows for holes and make any repairs that are needed. You should also check for gaps in the spaces around your windows and doors. Do not hesitate to replace weather stripping if you feel it may help your pest control efforts.

4. Clean Kitchen

An ant acting as a scout for his colony will feel as if he found a treasure chest if he happens upon a pile of crumbs in your kitchen. Do not leave any treasure for these pests to find. Uneaten food should be thrown away or put away for storage as soon as the members of your family are finished with a meal. You should also make sure the countertops and floors in your kitchen are clean and free of food particles at all times. The Quality Affordable Pest Control website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

5. Think Before Throwing Meat Out

The pests outside your home are on a constant search for food. When scraps of meat are allowed to sit in the garbage outside of your home for extended periods of time, this search for food becomes much easier. You should only place meat scraps in your outside garbage if the garbage is going to be picked up in the next day or two.

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