There has been a rather unfortunate stigma surrounding mental health for far too long. Luckily, that stigma is beginning to melt away with time due to a variety of reasons. However, one of the strongest factors of this newly found acceptance lies in advocates of all types.

There are many great advocates for mental health, such as registered psychotherapists and counselling services. In addition, some of the most powerful advocates are celebrities who speak out on mental health issues. They can reach a wide audience and also seem familiar and trustworthy to those who aren’t in the know.

To celebrate these warriors for mental health, we will be shining a spotlight on six famous mental health advocates:

1. Hayden Panettiere

Postpartum depression is an incredibly serious issue that affects more mothers than most people realize. This was also an unexpected affliction for actress Hayden Panettiere following the birth of her daughter, Kaya. In the time since she realized her illness, she has become an outspoken figure on the problem.

Of course, this was a very difficult decision for her to make due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. However, once she publicly came out in her time of need, she was able to find the help she needed.


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2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwyane Johnson is another famous mental health advocate. This is something that he has spoke out about often. The root of the leading man’s stance on this issue can be traced back to some very personal issues he experienced because of it. Since then, he has become a strong advocate for mental health for all, especially men.

Johnson hopes to end the stigma surrounding men and mental health. He believes that many men, young and old, have been pressured to lie to themselves about their mental health. Fortunately for the world, there’s one of the manliest guys on the planet telling everyone it’s okay.


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3. Prince Harry

Childhood trauma can be devastating for anyone, even a royal. Prince Harry has opened up publicly about the mental issues that developed for him following the death of his mother, Princess Diana. According to him, he struggled with these issues for decades following the loss that shook the world.

Now that he is in a good place and prospering as an individual, he has become an outspoken advocate for mental health. The prince has been known to encourage people to open up about their struggles and to end the stigma surrounding mental health.


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4. Simone Biles

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has a lifetime of accomplishments to be proud of, and nothing seems to be able to take that away from her. Even when a hacker decided to release her medical records, subsequently leaking that the gymnast suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, Biles stood by her diagnosis proudly.

Following the leak, she was open about the issue, saying in a tweet, “Having ADHD, and taking medicine for it is nothing to be ashamed of nothing that I’m afraid to let people know.” This has subsequently made her an advocate for accepting medication and treatment for mental health issues.


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5. Kid Cudi

This talented hip hop artist has a fantastic library of work that alludes to his struggles with mental health. Eventually, Cudi checked into a rehab facility that would go on to help him with depression and thoughts of suicide. He has also addressed his fans via social media about the things he has gone through in his journey.

“I deserve to have peace,” the rapper said. “I deserve to be happy and smiling. Why not me? I guess I give so much of myself to others I forgot that I need to show myself some love too.” Hopefully his message resonated with many of his fans in need, as well.


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6. Michael Phelps

Another Olympian who has been on the top of the world several times, also has his own struggles with mental health. Phelps has been open about experiencing depression and suicidal feelings. During an interview, the swimmer went into detail about the journey he has traveled, and has also spoken on how important it is to recognize these issues.

“After years, and years, and years of just shoving every negative, bad feeling down to the point where I mean, I just didn’t even feel it anymore. It was a long, long, long road and I just never wanted to deal with it. And for me, that sent me down a spiral staircase real quick and like I said, I found myself in a spot where I didn’t want to be alive anymore.”

In being so honest and open about his issues, Phelps has hopefully chipped away at the overall stigma that has surrounded mental health for far too long.


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