There are few things more incredible in the world than the bond that comes from family. It seems as if a close family member understands you far more than the average person, as they typically get to watch you grow as a person before their very eyes. As you can imagine, this effect is somewhat magnified whenever you have a twin, and it would only be natural for that to extend to those who are of a set of triplets.

Triplets tend to share a great deal in life. Not only do they share the same DNA and genetic make-up, but they also share similar experiences, stories, and even interests. This can also extend to fame sometimes. While triplets do look similar, they are still different people at heart, leading different lives. Sometimes this leads to one twin becoming famous for one reason or another, and that will inevitably bring their siblings into the spotlight.

There are many famous triplets in history, each with their own fascinating stories. Below are six famous triplets and their journeys:

1. The Del Rubio Triplets

In many cases, all three of the triplets achieve fame based on their talents alone. The Del Rubio triplets were one of the most famous triplets that made their mark on the American culture. These triplets dazzled audiences by dressing with an overwhelming sense of camp, interpreting popular songs in goofy and interesting ways, and simply being entertaining to experience.

Born as the Boyd triplets in 1921, the three sisters known as Edith, Elena, and Mildred eventually died their hair blonde and dubbed themselves the “Del Rubio Triplets.” The interesting thing about their experience, however, is that there were two stages to their fame.

Their initial notoriety occurred in the 1950’s when they were popular night club performers. The stints in question landed them on television often, namely on several of the Bob Hope programs that were so popular at the time. Following the 50’s, they seem to have laid low for a bit.

That is until the 1980’s when they were rediscovered by Grammy award winning songwriter, Allee Willis. This rediscovery of classic camp landed them appearances on hit 80’s shows such as Married… with Children, Full House, and The Golden Girls as well as other hit shows.


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2. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The Kubler triplets were born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1926. Following their birth, the three sisters had a pretty standard life. Of course, life does change and can lead a person down some unexpected roads. In the case of Elisabeth Kubler, the world led her down the path of refugee relief work during World War II.

During her time in World War II, she visited Majdanek death camp. To put things lightly, that kind of life moment can have a true impact on anyone. Such an impact that she began medical training after the war. During her years of medical training, she studied subjects such as psychiatry and psychoanalysis that eventually made her begin questioning the standard psychiatry practices of the time.

The questions that she asked had a large impact on her eye-opening book On Death and Dying. In this book, she first proposed her theory on how the average person mourns loss, or the Five Stages of Grief. This idea is still incredibly well known today and has cemented this triplet in the history books for the foreseeable future.

3. Las Trillizas de Oro

Translated to “The Golden Triplets,” these famous triplets belonged to a variety group who did a little bit of everything during their time in the spotlight. From singing, to acting, and even presenting across the mediums of radio, television, and film, the Argentinian sisters showed their talents during the 1970’s and 80’s.


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4. The Haden Triplets

Another example of musically gifted triplets, these sisters put a twist on the sibling music scene when they occasionally went their separate ways in order to work on their own projects. This showed that each sister was uniquely talented on her own, and allowed them to grow comfortably in their own space.

Of course, the famous triplets would still come together many times in order to mix their tones and styles in grand ways.


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5. The Karshner Triplets

When it comes to photography, there are certain opportunities that arise that make for unique photos. The Karshner triplets provided this when they became models that quickly found themselves in advertisements for products such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Cingular.

6. The Saunders Triplets

There are also some famous triplets who became famous before they said their first words. Michael, Charles, and Jazzie Saunders had this experience when they played the role of a well known wizard in his infancy. Making their debut in 2001’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the triplets got to share the spotlight before they even knew how to share.

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