Wooden watches are quickly becoming the new fashion accessories and have been in the market for the past several years. Even so, their popularity still continues to grow which will beg the question; why are people now more into these wooden watches and not the standard ones? You know, the ones made of plastic or metal. Well, there are many reasons for that and this article attempt s to highlight six of the most crucial ones in detail.

Every wooden watch is unique

Perhaps the best part about owning a wooden watch is that each one of them is usually totally different from the other. you will never find one watch resembling the other exactly. Each wooden watch is hand-made from start to finish which makes it mighty hard to make an exact duplicate of one. you have the luxury of enjoying great quality and uniqueness with your wooden watch. Either the watches are made using different parts of the same wood or different designs make them different. It doesn’t really matter even if they are all from the same production line.

Wooden watches are eco-friendly

Wood is very organic and might just be the eco-friendliest material you will ever know. They are biodegradable by nature and the materials used to produce wood like water, workforce, and electricity, are incompatible with those needed to produce other materials that are also used to make watches. Many wooden watch companies like the PlantWear, WeWood, and the OriginalGrain are committed to preserving nature and avoiding any business activities that can harm mother nature further than it already is right now.

Wooden watches are still quite rare

This is another good fact about wooden watches. It’s either some people don’t know about them yet or haven’t embraced its inception or maybe it hasn’t been as popular in some parts of the world as it is in others. Which makes the number of people who own wooden watches very few and unordinary to most people. Wooden watches are also great conversation starters.

Wooden watches age beautifully

Like with every other metal or plastic-made watches, you should expect them to wear down over time. You may do all you can to try and slow down the whole wearing down process but it eventually happens. But then you have your wooden watch which will only look even better as time passes by.

Wooden watches are affordable

If you check the current wooden watch market, you will find that even the most expensive ones are quite affordable really. In fact, you will hardly ever find any wooden watch in the market worth more than $500. Most of them usually range for between $100 and $200. You don’t have to break your bank to look for and buy that wooden watch you’ve been yearning to have for quite some time.

Are the wooden watches really made of wood?

Well, wooden watches aren’t entirely made of wood. Their movements are still standard mechanical and, in most cases, quartz movements. Some wooden watches even have little pieces of metal engraved to their sides or on the clasps of the watches. Most of these watches have leather straps.

Some watches even have wood mechanics but are even rarer and are usually used as exotic pieces than appliances.

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