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Our yards are extensions of our homes, and there is nothing worse than to have an ugly yard. It says a great deal about ourselves and how we upkeep our own houses. There are several reasons that you may want to redesign your yard and why hiring a landscaping Mississauga contractor can be very beneficial for you and your property value in the extended scheme of things.

6 Reasons To Consider Redesigning Your Yard And Removing That Stump

# 1 – Stumps Aren’t Pretty (Which Probably Goes Without Saying)

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This probably doesn’t need to be said, but stumps are incredibly painful to the eye. Their presence can make a beautiful yard look like an unkempt yard.

# 2 – Stumps Are Hazardous

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Stumps can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you have little kids who like to run around the yard. And even more importantly, if neighbor slips or a neighbors kid slips and gets injured that is a liability.

So the need to redesign your garden and removing the stump is not only for aesthetic reasons but also for financial reasons.

# 3 – Stumps Can Cause New Tree Growth

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Focusing once more on the visual aspect – stumps have the undesired ability to sprout new trees and this, again harkening back to the first entry, can be a major eyesore.

# 4 – Stumps Are A Pain In The Rear To Maneuver Around

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If you have a yard that you love to mow and keep the grass trimmed and neat, it could prove to be a hassle having to maneuver around this stump. Or even worse if you have a driveway to which you must be careful pulling into out of fear of damaging the underside of the car.

# 5 – Stumps Attract Insects (Who doesn’t hate bugs)

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If the sight alone wasn’t bad enough for you – how about bugs? Bugs can be even more of an annoyance than the stump itself. It can be a real pain having to deal with insects that have taken refuge in your stump.

Not only do they have a place to reside but they have a place where they can now build a colony and once that happens to say goodbye to your picnics and outdoor activities.

# 6 – Stumps Take Up Your Precious Yard Space

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Lastly, stumps take up a great deal of yard space. That space that the stump takes up could be used for a beautiful small garden.

Redesign Today

Redesigning your yard can be quite the hassle, but the overall results of redesigning a yard and removing annoyances like stumps, ditches, or poor lawn will, in the end, prove to be much more visually appealing as well as safer.

As mentioned before removing a stump can free you from any lawsuits and has the additional benefit of raising your property value. So if you have been contemplating removing that nasty eyesore that is called a stump then wait no longer because the benefits you will gain are quite numerous – as listed above.

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