Regardless of your personal preference, you’re bound to find a vape flavor that you enjoy. Some of the more popular flavors include vanilla, peppermint, blueberry, strawberry, apple and chocolate, to name a few. Below are ways to boost the flavor of any e-juice.

1. Store E-Juice Properly

How you store e-juice will partly determine the quality of the flavor. It’s best to store it in a room that’s cool and dark. You should also choose a location that does not have a lot of airflow because this can deteriorate the flavor. Some vaping enthusiasts prefer to optimize the flavor by allowing the juice to breathe periodically if it’s being stored for a long period of time.

2. Switch to a New Flavor

Sometimes the reason why the flavor you’re currently using is not robust enough is because that’s simply the strength of that particular flavor. A great way to satisfy your need for a stronger flavor is by switching to something different. There’s also the issue of flavor fatigue, which is what happens when you’ve been using the same flavor for a long period of time.

3. Test Airflow Settings

Another key consideration when you want great flavor is the airflow. It’s best to adjust the airflow until you achieve the flavor that you desire. The key to airflow settings is making sure that you don’t have too much or too little. Notably, when air holes are below the coil, you’ll likely experience the best possible flavor.

4. Use a Different Type of Wick

The type of wick used when vaping matters. The most common type of vape wick has been silica for many years. However, there is now a shift to organic cotton because it provides a cleaner flavor.

5. Focus on Quality

When on a budget, many people choose an inexpensive vape kit. While the need to save money is understandable, it’s best to choose quality products that will last longer and produce the flavor that you want. The same applies to the type of liquid chosen. Not all e-juice is the same, so you’ll want to look for products that are of high quality.

6. Try a Narrow Drip Tip

The type of drip tip that you select will also impact the flavor. In fact, it plays a bigger role than you might think. While a wide drip tip can produce a bigger cloud, a slimmer tip will provide a better flavor.

Vaping is a personal experience and what you prefer is probably different from what others prefer. These tips can help you maximize any flavor. The Dashvapes website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

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