Have you ever experienced a strange sensation occurring in your ears? You are able to hear sound, but it is not in the way you normally experience it. In some instances, it may feel unusual, such as having something inside interfering with your ability to hear properly.

That overwhelming sense of confusion might be a cause for muffled hearing. Although you don’t have to have lost your hearing completely, it may be incredibly difficult to hear even the simplest of speech or noise. Some of the main causes can be minor enough, while others may be more cause for concern.

There are numerous factors as to why muffled hearing can manifest. Thankfully, most causes of muffled hearing are not too serious. While this is normal, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious about your symptoms or surroundings. Your ability to hear is vital, so ensure that you get a hearing test and take proactive measures to shield your ears from harm!

The following are seven common causes of muffled hearing that may be of concern:

Cause #1: Earwax

A common cause of muffled hearing usually stems from the clogging of one’s ears. There are a myriad of sources as to where this clogging may arise from, but earwax is one of the most common foundations. A combination of dirt and debris in your ear canal can snowball, to the point of it becoming an impediment on your hearing.

The resulting impact of this buildup results in the muffled experience you feel within your ear canals. If left to fester, earwax buildup may also result in further issues. These can range from earaches, to painful ringing inside your ears. You’ll want to act on this swiftly, to reduce the potential for muffled hearing.

Cause #2: Sinus Infection

When your nasal cavities become infected or swollen, due to a viral infection, your sinus will be negatively impacted. Although you will mostly feel pain within your sinuses, the discomfort can also extend to your ears. If you find that you are suffering through muffled hearing, the cause may be a direct consequence of having a sinus infection.

The drainage in your sinus has been demonstrated to trigger congestion in the ear. Subsequently, this leads to a plethora of health issues, such as muffled hearing. Although this variation of muffled hearing can be minor, it requires a check-up if it persists for the long term.

Cause #3: The Common Cold

With every approaching cold season, comes the increased potential for you to catch a cold. We are all aware of the various symptoms that are associated with this, such as a runny nose or body aches. Contrary to popular belief, your ears may also be affected, to the point of having muffled hearing.

Those who have congestion, due to a common cold, will find that their muffled hearing can also stem from this condition. Thankfully, the solution isn’t as difficult to attain as one would think. Get your rest, take prescribed medication if needed, and your ears will be relieved as the congestion becomes reduced.

Cause #4: Noise Impact

In some instances, noise is so immensely loud, that it will affect your ear’s hearing capabilities. If this is the case, you may experience muffled hearing in numerous phases.

Depending on the source of the noise, this case of muffled hearing can be very mild or much more severe. Be careful of your surroundings; sometimes, the damage can be permanent.

Cause #5: Tumor Presence

If you are experiencing muffled hearing, the cause may be the result of a tumor. A specific type of tumor, known as acoustic neuroma, begins to form on the nerve that connects the inner ear and brain. If the tumor develops in size, the worse your muffled hearing will be.

Sometimes, it may even be extremely painful. If you suspect is the cause of your muffled hearing, speak to a health care provider immediately.

Cause #6: Head Trauma

The repeated infliction of injury or trauma to your head will inevitably affect your brain. Not only will this affect your cognitive abilities, but it will impact other nearby areas. If you have received trauma to your head overtime, and are experiencing muffled hearing, it may be a consequence of this injury.

Bones inside your middle ear, or nerves in the inner ear, can be damaged due to repeated head injury. Not only will muffled hearing manifest as a result, but you may also experience symptoms, such as loss of consciousness. Always be aware, and protect your body from harm!

Cause #7: Airplane Ear

This cause of muffled hearing, otherwise known as ear barotrauma, is the result of altitude changes that create an imbalance of air pressure. In these environments, you may begin to experience strange sensations in your ears. If pain persists, it may be because of these circumstances manifesting in muffled hearing.

It isn’t normally a cause for concern. The experience wears off, once you have become acclimated to your setting. If you are a frequent flyer, stay hydrated and nourished, in order to keep your hearing as healthy as it can be.

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