Even the most mundane things in our day-to-day lives have some history behind them. If one decides to put these things under the microscope, some very fascinating details are bound to arise out of them. Take, for example, the concept of an elevator.

Although we may turn a blind eye to the functionality of elevator usage, the truth is that there is much more antiquity at their core. Through constant innovation and development, elevators have far superseded their older counterparts, as it pertains to modern history. Even the elevator panel board has gone through many developments, including new features aimed to improve the overall safety and function.

With so many technological innovations, you may be interested in learning more about elevators! Check out these seven interesting elevator facts about this wonderful modern innovation:

Fact #1: An average user takes the elevator 4 times a day.

There is virtually nothing in life that is without its own set of statistics. Elevators are no different. However, not only is there an abundance of data regarding elevator usage, the fields vary greatly as well. For example, some research has noted that there are about nine-hundred thousand elevators in use within Canada at the moment.

An average user is noted to have used an elevator about four times each day. This could be for different purposes as well, ranging from getting home to their apartment or for getting into work. Regardless of the reasoning, elevator statistics are constantly aggregating as our population increases.

Fact #2: Some elevators do not reach the 13th floor.

The next elevator fact is also considered an elevator superstition. In some spaces, the number thirteen often gets a bad rep. This is due to the fact that the number has historically been considered as unlucky. As a result, elevator floor plans have had to change, in order to accommodate this line of thinking.

Many multi-storey buildings were built with thirteen floors originally. Recent years, however, have removed this last floor from public entry. Although it largely stems from superstition, the removal of a thirteenth floor has hopefully reassured some individuals!

Fact #3: Elevator music was added to help passengers relax.

You’ve probably heard, and have gotten annoyed in some magnitude, music playing in elevators during usage. The reasoning behind the generic, calming sounds was deliberately chosen, however. When elevators were becoming a more common occurrence in the early twentieth century, many were afraid of travelling upwards and downwards in this manner.

To alleviate these individuals of their hesitation, relaxing sounds were played through an installed audio system within the lift. This helped to mitigate all fears that each passenger had, as they were being transported to their destination. Hopefully, this will allow you to hear elevator music with a more positive attitude as well!

Fact #4: Elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation.

Statistically-speaking, some may be surprised by the fact that elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation. When compared to motor vehicles, lifts provide much more security on an average basis. Car crashes are well-known to be one of the main causes of fatalities in any country.

In the United States, it has been reported that twenty-six people die from a car-related collision every five hours. On the flipside, twenty-six individuals die from an elevator-related incident each year. This may be eye-opening to many, but, it is nevertheless more representative of the overall security of an elevator.

Fact #5: Elevators carry the weight equivalent of Earth’s population every three days.

One of the most interesting facts about elevator usage is the overall weight it carries each day, in terms of passengers. Some studies have found that every three days, elevators around the world carry the equivalent of the Earth’s population. This is considering the fact that our planet has over 7.4 billion people!

While this number may be staggering, it is just as incredible to see how many elevators are used globally in just over three days. As our planet’s population increases in subsequent years, this number is bound to inevitably rise as well.

Fact #6: Elevators are central in the sequel of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

The concept of an elevator may seem mundane at best, and boring at worst to most people. However, the word itself has been used widely in various media representations. For example, hip-hop artist Flo Rida titled one of his biggest songs after the word, back in 2008.

In addition, the sequel to Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory novel involved a specially-designed lift. Entitled Charlie and the Glass Elevator, the novel was well-received, just like its predecessor. Regardless of the entertainment, elevators are still famously represented within the arts!

Fact #7: The most famous elevator in the world is the Elevador Lacerda in Brazil.

Elevators may be a natural component of most buildings, but some are more well-known than others. For example, the busiest elevator in the world resides in Brazil. Known as the Elevador Lacerda, this lift is recognized for transporting over nine-hundred thousand people every month in record time.

In Japan, the Umeda Hankyu Building has five elevators that can carry up to eighty people at once. No matter which location you go to, the cultural aspect of that area will undoubtedly influence the construction of a specialized elevator!

Modern design has allowed elevators to reach heights, pun intended, that the original architects could never have imagined. Once the history of these lifts have come to light, one can thoroughly see just how technologically far we’ve come as a society!

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