The past few years have seen some incredible changes to the global marketplace. The world of printing has been affected a great deal. Digital technology has begun to slowly eliminate the need for printed documents and large scale printed assets. That is not to say that that world of printing is on the way out. Far from it, with new technologies, the lines between printing and digital are starting to blur.

This makes for a very exciting time in the printing industry. Look out for these seven commercial printing industry trends and ideas in the near future:

Trend #1: New printing technology

There is no so much more to printing than just paper and ink. Adapting to the new technologies that have been created in response to market demand is at the top of every market leader’s list of things to do as we enter 2020. Multifunction printing is going to continue to boom as printers will be expected to do more than ever before.

Trend #2: Designs have changed

Printing used to be all about the detail. Being able to produce photo-quality prints was a big thing for a while in both the commercial and home space. The shift towards branded design away from busy images to more clean lines and a lot of white space in both advertising and corporate image is significant. Being able to provide commercial printing that allows for this shift in demand is essential and it looks like this design aesthetic is here to stay.

Even the printer designs have changed to accommodate the industry demand. For instance, bulky flexographic printers have been streamlined to become more compact, giving businesses more space to install this equipment in their facilities. In addition, new flexo print sleeves and accessories are being developed every day. Their innovative designs are intended to make the printing process easier and more efficient.

Trend #3: ID Cards

Security is more important than ever when it comes to commercial printing industry trends. Making sure that only authorized personal are in your building at any given time is a very important aspect fo this. Gone are the days when many firms and organizations would be content with handing out a generic guest pass that could easily fall into the wrong hands.

With a quick photo snapped from a mounted tablet, it is now cheap and easy to print a tailored ID badge for any visitor to a facility complete with not only their picture but also limited access. They will be allowed access to certain areas, but denied others. This is a huge advancement in security and is in high demand.

Trend #4: Secured printing

With many organizations needing to print a lot of documents, this leaves the whole system open to hacking. Many people are unaware that printers have memory and if you know where to look it can be very easy to uncover secure information from within the printer’s memory, even if you are not on site. This can open the door to have everything from industry secrets and big announcements leaking out of your organization.

The security of printers has been advancing for many years and we expect this trend to continue as the internet continues to be a dangerous place filled with many opportunistic criminals looking for a way to access data that they shouldn’t be able to.

Trend #5: Digital printing

The need for multiple locations to be able to access a wide array of documents continues to grow. It is no longer acceptable to have a room filled with hard copies. The modern way of capturing documents digitally and securing them in the cloud for all who have the correct permissions to access can save a great deal of time.

Another side to this is that for may documents, there is no need to have a physical copy of them. Not only does is this pf practical benefit as you no longer need to store large amounts of paper in your office space, it is also better for the environment.

Most printers have also been able to scan documents in the past, however, the process was often clunky and annoying to use. As many companies are looking to digitize old documents they are looking for a way to do this in bulk and at speed. The latest generation of printing devices are designed with this in mind as we ditch paper-based documents and shift to digital storage.

Trend #6: Green printing

There is increasing pressure on companies in every industry to establish environmentally friendly practices. These include going paperless and only using ink and paper that can be recycled. This trend will continue as the younger generation push for it and their buying power increases over time.

Trend #7: Mobile printing

Printers are large and heavy. With a mobile workforce, some companies need to be able to print documents when in the field. This can accelerate the adoption of a new customer and allow processing of an application or hours billable without delay. The need to develop a printer that is mobile and compact enough for this to be practical is high. There are already some models out there that fit the bill but there is a great deal of room for improvement.

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