Are you about to retire? Do you want to flee your city and move somewhere fresh, new, and, most important of all, affordable? Well, Canada is a big country and there are plenty of retirement home options – east and west. You would not be blamed if you did not know some of these cities existed, but they do, and you could call them home for the remainder of your days.

Canada is one of the world’s largest countries. Yet, it seems like most of the nation is concentrated in the usual cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. Whether you are new here or you were born in this country, the top destinations for Canadians are usually these four cities. It can be tiring, though, since they generally look and feel the same. Plus, in this day and age, they are do not seem retirement friendly.

Here are the eight best cities to retire in Canada outside of Toronto and Vancouver:

1. Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Many people will be surprised by this fact, but Oakville is one of Canada’s largest cities. What makes Oakville attractive is that it blends big city life with small-town charm quite well. Indeed, you can enjoy Oakville and still venture into Toronto within an hour – probably less if you can beat the traffic.

So, if you are a senior and you live on a fixed income, then you can save money by living in Oakville. This is one of the best cities to retire in Canada, because you can still visit Toronto for everything it offers on occasion, from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

2. Langford, British Columbia, Canada

If you love nature, then British Columbia has many of the best cities to retire in Canada. Even if you are living in Vancouver, you still get to cherish the beauty that B.C. has to offer. But we are not naming Vancouver as one of the best cities to retire in. That distinction belongs to Langford.

In a recent Maclean’s study, Langford was ranked No. 5 of all the cities in the country, mainly because of its low property tax rate and prevalence of family doctors. That said, Langford has a lot more benefits for retirees than property taxes and medical care. Langford, situated outside of Victoria, has everything you could possibly want, especially when it comes to the sights and sounds.

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Maritimes gets a bad reputation from the rest of Canada, mostly because of the extreme weather conditions that happen in winter and the slumping economy. But if you’re a retiree then the east coast, including Halifax, is the place to go.

Halifax is a beautiful city and it probably is the Great White North’s best-kept secret. As everyone moves to the major cities, like Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa, they really should be heading over to places like Halifax. There are many opportunities in this part of the country. Most important of all, retirees can live like kings and queens in the Maritimes because housing costs are so low.

4. Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

What makes Sherbrooke, Quebec special is that it maintains the old-world charm while still offering modern-day conveniences. You can either spend your free time in town or you can visit the city’s incredible landscapes by either walking or cycling.

5. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

If you enjoy living by the water, then Thunder Bay is right city to retire in Canada. Known as the Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay often seems like it is just one or two steps away from becoming a major economic force in Canada that can attract everyone.

Although it can get cold in the winter, Thunder Bay is terrific during all seasons offers a long list of activities to do that can never get boring. You are also a hop, skip, and a jump from the United States.

6. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

For those who enjoy big city life but want to avoid the typical cities that everyone migrates to, Saskatoon should be on your list of the best cities to retire A simple glance at Saskatoon makes you ask: Why didn’t I move here earlier?

The city has so much to offer. However, like other cities on this list, Saskatoon always seems like it could soon be a major attraction to either new Canadians or those who have lived here their entire lives. Who knows? Perhaps in another decade, Saskatoon could become the new Victoria or Montreal.

7. Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Collingwood is situated in the Greater Toronto Area, so you are not too far from the Big Smoke.

Collingwood is a thriving small town that remains rather lively. There is always something to do there, whether it is a festival or a concert. Of course, if you are not in a celebratory mood, then you can still enjoy yourself in Collingwood because of the terrific scenery.

8. Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

If you have ever met anyone from Brandon, Manitoba, then the first thing they will tell you is how cold it can get in the wintertime. While this is true, Brandon is so much more than just a place where it is freezing. Brandon is evolving and becoming an interesting destination.

It was quite a popular place to go for young families in the middle of the 20th century, then it experienced dark times from the 1980s to about the mid-2000s. However, today, Brandon is beginning to boom as one of the best cities to retire. That is great for retirees looking to flee from their current locales.

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