Toronto is one of the best places to live in Canada due to its diverse way of life. Living in Toronto means there is always a community nearby that is celebrated for its uniqueness and individuality. Should you choose to live in a particular area of Toronto, you will always feel like you are right at home, no matter where you are within the city.

No matter what stage you are at in life, there is never a shortage of things to do when you live in Toronto, Canada. You may even grow to a point in your life that you want all of those great restaurants and museums to be in close proximity. The solution to this? Move into the city.

Toronto has recently become an international hotspot for people of all ages and walks of life to live in. However, you don’t have to be confined to just the downtown portion of the city if you want a great living experience. These are nine of the best places to live in Toronto, Canada if you are considering moving there.

1. Yonge and Eglinton, Toronto

The Yonge and Eglinton district is one of the best places to live in Toronto, Canada. With a seemingly never-ending source of condos popping up in this neighborhood, it’s no surprise to find that Yonge and Eglinton is extremely popular.

The area is constantly evolving and finding ways to improve the atmosphere to match the tastes of its diverse demographic. With numerous bars and restaurants available, you’ll never be too far away from the fun!

2. Church and Wellesley, Toronto

The Church and Wellesley area is one of the best places to live in Toronto if you are young. In keeping in line of said fun and entertainment, you’ll come to notice that this area is full of it. Church and Wellesley is famous for its exciting bar and nightlife scene, in addition to being a great area for small shops and community centres.

It’s also known for being a proud supporter of many LGTBQ establishments, and for having an extremely welcoming atmosphere overall.

3. Cabbagetown, Toronto

If you love to immerse yourself in culture, Cabbagetown is the best place to live in Toronto, Canada. Located in central Toronto, Cabbagetown is recognized as one of the trendiest places to live in the city. Due to the heavily preserved Victorian Houses there, the neighborhood is rife with a neat cultural history.

However, you will also discover some pretty vogue restaurants, art festivals and cool independent shops nearby as well.

4. Leslieville, Toronto

Take the hip factor of Cabbagetown and amplify it by ten. Leslieville has quickly transformed into one of the coolest areas to live in within Toronto.

If you are a young creative looking to work with like-minded professionals, many have considered this as the best place to live in Toronto, Canada. You’ll also have the advantage of being minutes away from beaches and the downtown core. It’s truly an all-in-one!

5. The Harbourfront, Toronto

The views that this neighborhood provides are stellar, to say the least. The Harbourfront is famous for providing a quiet enough backdrop for multiple activities.

If you prefer taking an evening stroll near the lake as opposed to a bustling bar, you’re in luck. Plus, many public transit options exist nearby in case your work is in close proximity.

6. Liberty Village, Toronto

Toronto is recognized as a great city to live in if you want to fulfill your creative dreams. Not unlike the chic factor of Leslieville, Liberty Village provides the potential to do just that if you are a hungry self-starter. The area is famous for being super fun and hip, especially if you are a young professional just out of university.

The architecture present in the area has been mostly retrofitted to reflect the contemporary aesthetic. As it relates to potential housing options, there are also multiple, renovated rentals available. Do your research, and you may find yourself living your best life in this neighborhood!

7. Kensington Market, Toronto

With beautiful homes and a unique community that thrives on being welcoming, Kensington Market is a lovely area to make your home. With the nearby Chinatown present, you’ll never be short of great dining options after a hard day of work.

Also, the location is home to several independent cafes and vintage shops. If “quaint” is your ideal, the area will not disappoint.

8. Yorkville, Toronto

If you have the budget, Yorkville might be one of the best places to live in Toronto. The neighborhood prides itself on the high-end factor, and is home to some pretty popular bars and restaurants.

Even if living here is temporary, there is almost no experience like it. Yorkville is definitely a great area to live in if you want to be surrounded by a modernized way of life.

9. Queen Street West, Toronto

Not unlike its Yonge and Eglinton counterpart, Queen Street West is home to an extremely fun and bustling demographic. If you are a fan of Toronto’s great nightlife, or just want a good restaurant to unwind at after work, you’ll have several options available.

Queen Street West also plays host to an almost unlimited number of cool stores to shop at. If you consider yourself a fashion junkie, there will surely be a store to fit every one of your styles. Don’t let the busy nature of the area deter you; if you are a fan of the hustle, you will fit right in!

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