Common Myths About Vaping You Should Know

The vaping industry has been attacked by people and the government for a long time now. The sad thing is that most of the reasons people give for such attacks are baseless. They are misguided opinions generated from fictitious stories about the relationship between vaporizers and normal cigarettes. Here are some of the common myths about vaping.

E-Liquids are dangerous

This is a common myth used by non-vapers and those who don’t know anything about the industry. There are only three ingredients used in e juice. Depending on who wants to vape Canada, the manufactures can use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and natural food flavor to make the liquid. One can also choose to add nicotine. Except for nicotine, which is optional, other ingredients are available in common food products and drinks.

You expose yourself to formaldehyde when you vape

Many people associate vaping with the infamous formaldehyde. A study done in England caused a stir among vapors when it maliciously revealed that vaping causes people to inhale formaldehyde. Unless one vapes at dry-hit conditions, there is no harm in enjoying the e cigarette.

E-liquids have secondhand smoke

This is also another common myth that people bring up so often. Vapor cigarettes do not emit secondhand smoke like the traditional variants. They do not emit smoke because there is no combustion that takes place. The e-cigarettes emit water vapor instead of smoke. They have more pleasant smell than the traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is not good for the environment

People often associate e-cigars with bad habits that destroy the environment. They are quite eco-friendly. Those who use traditional cigarettes often litter places with thousands of cigar butts all the time. There is no cigar butt produced when you vape. The cigarettes designed for vapers are powered by batteries that are rechargeable and recyclable. The traditional cigarettes are major contributors to forest fires and death of aquatics animals. They are also major air pollutants.

E-cigarettes are not safe to operate

There are a lot of tragic stories circulated in news outlets about the potential dangers of operating e-cigarettes. Most of these claims do not have authentic sources and are just fabricated to tarnish the name of the industry. If used properly, e-cigarettes cannot harm anyone. They are designed with effective safety protocols, especially custom vapes. It is only through misuses that the cigarettes can be dangerous to the vaper.

In summary, vapers should try as much as possible to debunk misleading myths about vaping. They should combat those who spread false information in order to protect the industry. It has made huge steps and the least thing we want is to bring it back to zero. We should also try to educate the importance of substituting smoking with e-cigarettes.

Changing Trends Bring Edgy Looks

It’s time to start thinking about fall fashion. Fall 2016 men’s fashion trends are making their way from the runway to the streets this year beginning with denim.


Denim was seen everywhere on the runways this year. It’s showing up in more than just jeans. Denim jackets layered over denim shirts are one of the hot trends this fall. In the cool of autumn, this trend will keep you warm and still maintain a rugged, relaxed look. You can find it in different colors, washes, and weights to be sure that you find a fit that’s right for you.


What was once only seen on your grandmother’s sweater and pants has found its way into mainstream menswear. Designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have managed to make embroidery a menswear statement piece. Everything from shirts to the jean cuffs are stable enough to support embroidery and look fantastic once embellished.

Bomber Jackets

A spiced up version of the traditional bomber jacket is now the hottest way to make a statement. Whether they are found in bright colors or large prints, they can be used to stand out from the crowd. Sleeves, fronts, and backs of the jackets are often a place for embroidery, combining two of the season’s trends. The best part, they are comfortable and are made in everything from leather to lightweight cotton. Incorporate the season’s hottest print, camo and you’re sure to have a winning look.


A wide leg trouser has been the fashion for the last couple of seasons. This fall wide legs go to new extremes. Extreme wide legs with a leather sandal are the right combination to stay on trend. Worn with a sleek white shirt, you’ll look stylish and sharp.


Belted trench coats in black, mustard, and gray have made their way back to the runway. Waist definition of all kinds is on trend. Wide leather belts worn over military style shirts accentuate the natural waist and give masculine definition.

White Shirt

The classic white shirt has developed a few twists and turns this season. Lapels are taking on new shapes. Slim cuts are giving way to a loose cut with sharp points. Embroidery has also found its way to the white shirt making them anything but traditional. A beautifully ironed shirt always looks put together and ready for a day in the city or in the office.

Menswear is usually more traditional than women’s but this season it’s taking a few risks. Incorporating feminine forms of decoration to create looks that are edgy and unique, this fall will be an exciting time to experiment with fashion.

How GHS Provides Global Safety Awareness

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, or GHS for short, is an international system that the United Nations began developing in the 1990s. Even if you’re not familiar with the GHS, you probably are familiar with the GHS pictograms that many organizations use to label chemicals and other substances that could potentially be harmful to those who come in contact.

Hazard Classification

One of the primary goals of GHS is to classify potential hazards, and the GHS classification system currently has nine categories, including explosives, flammable liquids and oxidizing substances. Each GHS classification is further defined by itemizing the various hazards the category presents, including physical, health and environmental, as well as defining how mixtures that contain chemicals in a particular category should be labeled based on the derivation.

Hazard Communication

Once a substance has been categorized as a hazard, the potential for danger must be communicated to a general public that may have no special knowledge of the substance in question. This is where the concepts of GHS lables and GHS pictograms come into play. GHS lables can be composed of a number of different elements, including symbols, signal words and even hazard statements. When necessary, safety labels may also include warnings, product identifiers, supplier identifiers and so forth.

The GHS Mission

The core purpose of GHS is to have consistent safety labels in use throughout the world. This helps protect people who travel but is particularly important for the transportation of hazardous materials. Warning signs that are obvious to Chinese workers, for example, may have no relevance to workers in Canada or elsewhere in North America. Adoption has been slow, however. Consider that the U.S. did not formally adopt the GHS until 2012, and Canada did not begin implementing it until 2015.

GHS Roadblocks

So why has this system that provides global benefits been embraced so slowly? The main problem is the most developed countries already had systems in place. Both Canada and the U.S., for instance, had their own systems and had already together achieved consistency for North America. So embracing GHS means retrofitting an existing system. The U.S. had to change OSHA in order to conform to the GHS, and Canada chose to create a new national system called the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, which accounts for Canada, North America and GHS.

GHS Is Not a Law

GHS is a system, not a law. WHMIS, for instance, is enforceable by law, and since it incorporates GHS, enforces GHS legally. Countries who participate in GHA are not required to do this, however, and it can and does lead to some inconsistency. The hope, however, is that a worldwide standard for the classification and labeling of hazardous chemicals can eventually be achieved. Learn more information at ICC Compliance Center, which has more online resources available.

Finding the Perfect Moving Company

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, finding a quality moving company can be a headache in itself. With so many moving companies to choose from, how do you know you are getting the best quality for the best price? Some companies will charge a flat rate for their services while others will charge a moving fee plus mileage and some will even charge a flat rate plus mileage plus labor hours for their services. My goal is to help you make an informed decision as to which moving company to hire and trust that your belongings will arrive to your new home safely.

Do Your Homework

Being that there is such a wide variety of movers, you will want to go online and do some research before dialing the first number you come across. Just like anything else, people will be leaving reviews on the services they liked the best or even movers that they were not so happy with. Many companies will have review sections on their websites so that you can look and see what other customers have to say about a particular company.


Pricing may just be the most important factor in choosing a moving company. Most local movers will charge a flat rate plus mileage for using their trucks. If you are planning on a long distance move, a little bit more research is required to find long distance movers. Long distance movers typically charge a flat moving rate as well as mileage and labor. Some companies will even have the option of allowing you to borrow their vehicles and letting you do the heavy lifting yourself. While most people do not enjoy loading and unloading the truck themselves, this is a great way if you are looking to save a few bucks on your next move.

Is Your Moving Company Insured?

Most companies will have insurance to protect against damage of your property. Let’s face it, accidents do happen and sometimes your fragile belongings will get dropped or fall inside the truck while driving. If the company you are interested in does not have any information about insurance on their website do not be afraid to call them directly and ask what kind of damage protection they provide. Remember: if a company does not provide any insurance they may not be an established company. You may get a better deal by going with an uninsured mover but you may pay the price with damaged belongings.

Whether you are looking for a local mover or a company that provides long distance moves, do not go with the first company you see. Ask your friends or family members that have recently moved which company they chose and why. Every company is a little bit different and has different packages to choose from.

Making Your Home Look Natural With Stone Veneers

The use of stone as a building material is nearly timeless. All varieties have been used over the centuries to construct homes, businesses and all manners of buildings used to gather together for a myriad of reasons. Stone is a natural product that is readily available for use in most areas of the world. The added benefits of durability make it a product that is still in high demand today. The trend towards stone veneer products make it a little more affordable, but below are a few things to consider before starting this type of project.

Thin Versus Thick Veneer

There can be a big price difference between thin and thick veneer products made of cut stone. The biggest difference beyond price is durability. Interior stone walls and outdoor surrounds work well using a thin product, but complete exteriors should be done using a thicker, high-quality veneer. The finished project will look more natural and it will last for years.

From the Ground Up

The trick in getting near perfect results in any masonry job is having a solid foundation to work from. Ground that tends to move, which is possible due to rain and large snow melt, is a set up for disaster. Take the time to ensure you have the proper foundation work done to apply stone veneer without worrying about cracking and sinking.

Climate and Weather Factors

Brick, stone siding, landscape stone and stone veneer may all be subject to huge temperature fluctuations that can lead to cracking, early repairs or even expensive replacement. Crushed stone products can look beautiful after installation, but the resins are not designed to tolerate sub-zero temperatures for long periods of time. Make sure that stone veneers are all natural cut stone. Interior stone products in a climate controlled environment should do well.

Uniform Colors

Larger projects utilizing stone veneers require a lot of product. One common problem is a subtle color difference when the product is gathered from a variety of sources. The color difference may not be great, but it can be enough to make it noticeable after installation. Always make sure that the products needs for your project are gathered from the same stone source.

Never Settle for Less Than You Want

A natural looking veneer made from stone can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Take the time needed to explore all of the options available before settling on any particular product. You do need to keep a budget in mind, but remember that this is an improvement project that is designed to last for many years. You want to love the end results.

7 Must-See Destinations When Traveling To India

With its interesting culture, history, and architecture, India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has dozens of incredible must-see sights that are included in most India tours. Here are seven of the most exciting places to visit when travelling to India:

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is probably India’s most iconic tourist destination. The monument, which is located along the Yamuna river in the city of Agra, was built in the mid-1600s to house the tomb of the emperor Shah Jahan’s wife. The architecture has a combination of Indian and Islamic influences. Almost eight million people visit the Taj Mahal every year, usually between the months of October and February.


Most vacation packages in India include a trip to the capital city, Delhi, which has a variety of interesting attractions. One of the city’s most famous monuments is the Red Fort, which was built around the time of the Mughal emperors in the mid-1600s. They show a sound and light show every evening that explains the fort’s history in detail. Many travelers also visit Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India. It is open daily and has stunning views of the city.


Varanasi is one of the country’s top spiritual destinations. It is located along the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh and is one of India’s oldest cities. Varanasi has about 100 ghats, steps leading to the water, some of which are used for bathing, ceremonies, and cremation. Travelers can take a boat ride from the Dasaswamedh Ghat to the Harishchandra Ghat, or they can walk along the ghats.


Udaipur is a city in Rajasthan known for its lakes and palaces. It is also home to the Oberoi Udaivilas, the world’s top hotel. The most popular attraction in Udaipur is the City Palace Complex, an old palace that was converted into two hotels and a museum. Travelers can also take a boat ride on Lake Pichola or Fateh Sagar Lake, two of the city’s best man-made lakes.


Hampi was the last capital of the Hindu kingdom Vijayanagar. The city’s ruins, which include about 500 monuments, date back to the 1300s and stretch for about 25 kilometers. It is located 350 kilometers from Bangalore and can be accessed by train, bus, or taxi.

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple, located in Amritsar, Punjab, was founded in 1577. The temple is the Sikh spiritual capital, and pilgrims visit from across the world to pay their respects. Visitors can take walking tours of the temple or of the entire city of Amritsar. The best time to visit to avoid the harsh climate is from October to November and from February to March.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The Ajanta and Ellora caves are located in the hillside in northern Maharashtra. Combined, the two locations have 63 caves, all of which were hand-crafted with a hammer and a chisel. The Ellora caves have incredibly detailed architecture, and the Ajanta caves have numerous paintings and sculptures.

Caribbean Medical School: Why Are Overseas Universities So Popular?

Going to university overseas isn’t generally an option many young adults consider, but it should be. There are plenty of reasons why it is a valid choice.

When you decide to study abroad, the amount of university options can be staggering. There are thousands of different universities to consider. A great option for those who are going into the medical field is the Caribbean Medical University, especially if you enjoy warmer weather.
While there are a few other Caribbean medical schools, All Saints University is one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean. It is located on the island of Curacao. They utilize a U.S. based curriculum and focus on deepening the student’s understanding of academic medicine.


The Cost

One would assume that the cost of universities overseas would be astronomical. In fact, they are up to $50,000 less than private U.S. colleges. This is a huge savings and it adds to the popularity. Even though they are going to overseas colleges, some American students are able to receive financial aid.


The Experience

Going to university overseas gives students an entirely new experience in life. This isn’t just a fun vacation; they get to experience a whole new culture. If you opt to go to country that speaks a different language, you will get the added bonus of learning the language which is a great skill for future jobs.

The exposure of new foods and meeting new people is very appealing to young adults, as well as gaining a new sense of independence and freedom in their lives. One of the most popular reasons to go overseas is to simply have fun. The experiences that you will experience will last a lifetime.



Employers like when future employees have studied abroad. It gives the student more career opportunities. One of the reasons could be additional language skills, or that studies show students who travel overseas to colleges generally have more academic success. Global companies like to invest in employees that have international experience. This added bonus will make you stand out when applying to jobs.


Worldwide View

When you travel abroad, you will gain a new perspective for other cultures as well as your own. Once you travel overseas, your understanding how America fits into the bigger picture of the world makes more sense. Also, exploring your heritage can be an added bonus. If you select a university that is from your country of origin, getting in touch with your family’s past is very exciting.


How to Apply

Most universities have set requirements to allow students to come from abroad. Most generally, they will have a set GPA in order for them to approve your application. Counselors for the university can help you will the application process if you have any questions.

Deciding what university to attend is a hard decision. Don’t forget to consider your overseas options before making your final choice. More options await for you outside of the borders.