Going to university overseas isn’t generally an option many young adults consider, but it should be. There are plenty of reasons why it is a valid choice.

When you decide to study abroad, the amount of university options can be staggering. There are thousands of different universities to consider. A great option for those who are going into the medical field is the Caribbean Medical University, especially if you enjoy warmer weather.
While there are a few other Caribbean medical schools, All Saints University is one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean. It is located on the island of Curacao. They utilize a U.S. based curriculum and focus on deepening the student’s understanding of academic medicine.


The Cost

One would assume that the cost of universities overseas would be astronomical. In fact, they are up to $50,000 less than private U.S. colleges. This is a huge savings and it adds to the popularity. Even though they are going to overseas colleges, some American students are able to receive financial aid.


The Experience

Going to university overseas gives students an entirely new experience in life. This isn’t just a fun vacation; they get to experience a whole new culture. If you opt to go to country that speaks a different language, you will get the added bonus of learning the language which is a great skill for future jobs.

The exposure of new foods and meeting new people is very appealing to young adults, as well as gaining a new sense of independence and freedom in their lives. One of the most popular reasons to go overseas is to simply have fun. The experiences that you will experience will last a lifetime.



Employers like when future employees have studied abroad. It gives the student more career opportunities. One of the reasons could be additional language skills, or that studies show students who travel overseas to colleges generally have more academic success. Global companies like to invest in employees that have international experience. This added bonus will make you stand out when applying to jobs.


Worldwide View

When you travel abroad, you will gain a new perspective for other cultures as well as your own. Once you travel overseas, your understanding how America fits into the bigger picture of the world makes more sense. Also, exploring your heritage can be an added bonus. If you select a university that is from your country of origin, getting in touch with your family’s past is very exciting.


How to Apply

Most universities have set requirements to allow students to come from abroad. Most generally, they will have a set GPA in order for them to approve your application. Counselors for the university can help you will the application process if you have any questions.

Deciding what university to attend is a hard decision. Don’t forget to consider your overseas options before making your final choice. More options await for you outside of the borders.

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