Not all students can use essay writing services whenever they want to, as money is often a deciding factor. For students who can’t fit a writing service into their budget, here are some useful tips to follow to help create longer essays.

  1. Create a Plan

One of the biggest mistakes that students make when writing an essay is forgetting to include some relevant points. One of the first things that writers from essay writing services like Homework Help Global do is sit down and come up with a plan for what they are writing.

Think of this plan creation as a type of outline. Students need to jot down notes on what they are going to include and where. Highlight the major points and where they will be included. It also helps create an idea on word count by assigning a specific number of words to each paragraph.

  1. Include Examples and Quotations

When backing up a point, the best way to add some length is to include relevant examples in the paragraph. The benefit to adding examples is that it also shows the professor the amount of research put into the topic and that a student knows and understands what they are writing about.

Quotes can also add length to an essay, but they are not very easy to include, and students need to be careful about adding too many of them. When using quotes to support a point, it’s important to do some research beforehand and know where to place them before you start writing. Quotes can be included directly or they can be paraphrased, but either way, always cite the source.

  1. Choose Words Carefully

When writing an essay, it’s okay to include various transition words and phrases, but don’t overuse them. Transition phrases and words are mainly used to connect two main ideas and are most commonly seen at the start or end of a paragraph. Too many of these phrases make an essay hard to read through.

Most paragraphs follow a specific structure, which most children learn about in grade school. Although there is a typical paragraph structure, this doesn’t mean that it’s the only structure a person can use when writing. The important thing is to use the paragraph structure that makes the most sense for the essay being written.

In certain cases, it is okay to use more words than necessary. Most writers like to keep things short and to the point, but sometimes filler words are necessary to increase that dreaded word count. This is typically the case when writing an essay on a topic with minimal information to be found.

Some ways to increase word count are to add descriptions to certain phrases or to replace various verbs with nouns, add some adverbs and adjectives, and avoid using any kind of contractions. Truth be told, with formal writing contractions should never be used anyway; those are more for casual writing.

  1. Can Anything Be Elaborated on?

Always go back and read through the essay at least twice. This helps spot any glaring errors and gives students a chance to see if they can elaborate on any topics. Sometimes when making a certain point, students skip over vital details. In other cases, they discover that they can include a couple more ideas to help back up their main thought.

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