When it comes to unacknowledged backbones of major businesses, the humble call centres that dot the country may be at the top of the list. While most people pay them no mind, they are an integral part of the business world. Here are a few fun and interesting facts about them that you may not have known before reading this.

1. Going Virtual

When people think about call centres, they usually think about large rooms crammed with workers on the telephone. While this may be true in some cases, many businesses these days rely on virtual centres. These can be operated from remote locations where workers are not all based in one building.

In fact, some businesses are even allowing workers to operate from their homes. This cuts down on travel time for the employee and leads to a happier employee overall. The information on the Extend Communications website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

2. Predicatble

One thing that industry experts have noticed is that there are very predictable times as to when calls will come in and things get busy. As a rule of thumb, mornings are the least busy times at a b2b call centre, usually between 8 am-10 am. This is because many company decision-makers that the centres would normally be trying to reach are involved in morning meetings and such.

3. Secret Weapon

Call centre agents are a company’s secret weapon. Don’t believe that? It is a fact that agents deal with other business contact points more times in one day than most CEOs or other executives will do in the span of a month. The call centre agent is the lifeblood of a company as they have the pulse of how things are truly going inside of a company.

4. Grasp On Technology

It is key that the agents at call centres have knowledge of the latest technology in regards to how to do their job. For instance, many people these days prefer to handle things via chat support. This means the agent will need to feel comfortable on getting information from their b2b contact without ever actually meeting them.

As you can see, b2b centres are very important and should never be overlooked or undervalued. There are many things that the average person simply does not realize about them. So the next time a call centre agent reaches out to your business, do not ignore them.

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