If you thought Monopoly was difficult, you are in for a treat! Being a real estate agent is a demanding and high-pressure career: you deal with people daily, trying to find their dream home. At the same time, you need to close deals well enough to make a living to support yourself and your family. Today, the real estate agent market is one of the most competitive environments in the business world.

That being said, it is also extremely rewarding. You connect people and families to houses they will soon call home. You are the instigator of a life full of family dinners in the dining room, life-changing meetings in the office, and unforgettable laughter under their roof.

So, how can you become a great real estate agent and make your dreams and clients come true?

1. Learn how to communicate to real estate clients

Although good communication is important for all corners of life, real estate can make or break you. Client wants to work with an agent that is attentive, responsive, and takes the time to genuinely listen to them. Buying and selling pieces of property come with various emotions attached— it’s personal.

When people feel that you listen to their needs and desires, they put their trust and faith in you as their agent. Not only is that important for their future home-buying needs, but also your recommendations to others. Select a time of day and channel (phone or email) that works for your client: when can they expect your call or message?

When you leave clients wondering, their frustration and anxiety can emerge. Ensure you ask questions about their needs: are they looking for the quickest buyer? Or are they looking for the highest bidder?

2. Learn about real estate concepts

Your soft skills can only carry you so far. Yes, communication and marketing are irreplaceable facets of the real estate market, but your knowledge and skill will set you apart. This is where real estate coaching comes into play.

Understanding various rates, how inflation works, how housing prices are predicted to increase, location values, and factors that impact the value of houses, among other knowledge, will help you to stay up to date across both the commercial and residential housing industries.

Real estate coaching helps you better understand how your personality and strengths can be used to your advantage. Mentors and experts share their techniques and tactics that help them gain success in the field, increasing your chances of real-estate triumph!

3. Do real estate networking

You cannot do it alone to become the best real estate agent. You will need support: a network of people who can vouch for you and help you and your client achieve exactly what they need. This means forming partnerships with resourceful people.

Remember, a partnership is a two-way street: not only does it entail them helping you, but it also entails you helping them. Network with the bankers who give you loans, the professional organizers that help you stage a house, and the builders that construct houses you sell.

Not only will you have several clients under your belt, but they will also be able to recommend your services to related customers. You can never know too many people!

4. Host open houses

While technology has been rising in every industry, nothing beats the feeling clients get when they walk into a home and envision themselves living in it. The best real estate agent knows this is a great way to get new clients in the door and make new contacts.

The types of homes you show also represent the homes you are capable of selling, so show off your abilities! After each open house, reflect on what went well and what could be improved next time and make the appropriate adjustments.

5. Have a real estate marketing plan

Having a marketing plan is essential as a real estate agent: it is how new clients find you and how they decide whether or not they want to work with you. An online presence will allow clients to search you up with a button.

Create a profile on your favourite social media sites and across your platforms. Have a professional website sharing information about you and your business. Highlight your listings, invite people to your open houses, and network!

6. Commit to yourself to a real estate career

Real estate agents often require working long hours and talking to countless people, even when you least want to. The early mornings and late nights will require your utmost strength.

The only way to survive the hard, laborious work is to know why you are doing this. This intrinsic motivation will push you through the hardest moments when coffee no longer does its job.

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