Your phone rings in the middle of the night. Your friend needs to crash at your place for a couple of days. Despite the lack of a spare bedroom, you reluctantly agree. Now, it’s time to create an inhabitable space, so how can we turn the living room into a bedroom?

This is only one possible scenario where you may need to turn your space to chat during the day into a space to sleep at night. Perhaps you live in a small apartment or home and would like to increase the room’s functionality. You may even be living in a dorm and need to be able to host both your friends and your sleep in the same room.

One of the key components of having a multi-purpose room is storage. Now that one room serves as both the living room and dining room, it needs to store the items of both rooms. Although some special furniture may be beneficial and some DIY may be required, your living room will look like your bedroom in a matter of minutes (and vice versa!).

Keep reading to discover how to save and transport a daytime space to a nighttime haven.

1. Sofa bed

To preserve the functional living room atmosphere during the day and use the room as a comfortable bedroom at night, some of your furniture pieces must serve a double function. A sofa bed is one of the essential pieces of furniture to accomplish this goal.

Sofa beds eliminate the need for two bulky furniture items, serving as the ultimate investment in your dual-function room. Modern sofa beds are comfortable, save space, and disguise themselves seamlessly as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

2. Mindful storage

Storage is of the utmost importance in a living room that doubles as a bedroom. As such, finding storage solutions that may not be evident is key. Perhaps your TV stand has storage drawers at the bottom where you could store linens and clothing.

Purchasing cabinets that fit the atmosphere yet double as drawers for your items is a great way to incorporate dual-use furniture.

3. Storage ottoman

Following the principles of the last point, storage ottomans are a great way to integrate additional storage into your dual-use room. Due to its versatility as decoration, we thought it deserved a shoutout.

A storage ottoman can hold your feet up in front of the TV or act as a bench in front of your bed when you are relaxing at night. Open it up, and you can store extra bedding and pillows within!

4. Clothing rack

Have you ever seen a fashion influencer’s room? More likely, they have a clothing rack to display their finest pieces.

Clothing racks are not only an amazing way to hang up your clothes, but they also serve as a statement piece in both your living room and bedroom. They help you save space while doubling as a piece of decoration. What more could you ask for?

5. Coffee tables

Coffee tables are yet another way for you to maximize the space that you have. For example, a pull-out coffee table can transform your living room coffee table into your working desk in your bedroom.

Pull-out coffee tables have tops that can lift, exposing the contents within (more storage!) and rising to a height appropriate for a desk. This is a great option if you know where you would like it to remain within the room. Another option is purchasing a lightweight coffee table that can double as a nightstand when moved around the room.

6. Room dividers

A bedroom is a refuge at night, where you can lay your troubles to sleep and relax. However, when it doubles as a living room, there may be interruptions to your relaxation. There may be people coming and going to grab living room-esque items such as books and plates; there may be people strolling in to put something in the storage ottoman.

In any case, privacy is essential, and room dividers are an amazing way to provide it. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf can effectively create a divide between the rest of the room and your bed while providing additional storage (surprise, surprise!) for books, trinkets, and decoration. A simple screen can also divide the space if you want something less clunky.

7. Proper decoration

Finally, to ensure your living room is convincing a bedroom and that your bedroom is convincing as a living room, tie everything together with the proper decoration and layout.

Direct the eye mindfully— place your bookshelf or bench closer to the door, so your attention is immediately drawn there rather than the sofabed. Keep your decorations and room monochromatic with light colours ideally to make the room appear to be a clean, airy living space rather than a designated living or bedroom.

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