Finding an apartment, let alone a bigger one can be a hard thing to do. People upgrade from the apartments that they have for different reasons, they either get a better job and start earning more so they want to upgrade or they accumulate so much stuff to the point where wanting to move to a bigger place becomes inevitable. Whatever the reason, it is very difficult to find a bigger and better place unless you look into furnished apartments Vancouver. If you are looking for a bigger place, here are some steps that you should take.

1. The budget

You would first have to set a budget range for you to understand the amount that you can comfortably spare to pay every month for a bigger place. You need to look at your expenses and see what you can cut down on to help you save some money to pay for the new place. With the amount that you pay, makes sure you are still able to set money aside for savings. It makes no senses to look for a place that you cannot afford.

2. The hunt

Ideally, you want to makes sure that you have started to look for the place at least three months before the date that you intend to move. In some places, the landlord needs to be given a few months notice by the tenant if they intend to move. You might want a bigger place but you will also have to look at certain things like the price, transportation, safety and convenience. You want to make sure the location is convenient to your day to day life.

3. The down payment

The next thing you need to do after you have identified the place that you want to move into is to gather the down payment. This comprises of the rent for the first and the last month coupled with the deposit for security. You need to have this amount before you sign the lease. You do not need to pay it before you have signed the lease but are generally safe to make sure you have it.

4. Make inquiries with tenants

The fact that you have identified a bigger and better place is not enough. You need to talk to the tenants who live there or who have lived there before to know more about the landlord because you need someone who will promptly address your concerns.

5. Inspection

Even though everything seems to check out up to this point, you might want to do conduct an inspection of your own before you sign the lease. Unknown to you, previous tenants may have caused damage to the property. You need to make sure that this is not the case.



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