Stone Veneer House

The use of stone as a building material is nearly timeless. All varieties have been used over the centuries to construct homes, businesses and all manners of buildings used to gather together for a myriad of reasons. Stone is a natural product that is readily available for use in most areas of the world. The added benefits of durability make it a product that is still in high demand today. The trend towards stone veneer products make it a little more affordable, but below are a few things to consider before starting this type of project.

Thin Versus Thick Veneer

There can be a big price difference between thin and thick veneer products made of cut stone. The biggest difference beyond price is durability. Interior stone walls and outdoor surrounds work well using a thin product, but complete exteriors should be done using a thicker, high-quality veneer. The finished project will look more natural and it will last for years.

From the Ground Up

The trick in getting near perfect results in any masonry job is having a solid foundation to work from. Ground that tends to move, which is possible due to rain and large snow melt, is a set up for disaster. Take the time to ensure you have the proper foundation work done to apply stone veneer without worrying about cracking and sinking.

Climate and Weather Factors

Brick, stone siding, landscape stone and stone veneer may all be subject to huge temperature fluctuations that can lead to cracking, early repairs or even expensive replacement. Crushed stone products can look beautiful after installation, but the resins are not designed to tolerate sub-zero temperatures for long periods of time. Make sure that stone veneers are all natural cut stone. Interior stone products in a climate controlled environment should do well.

Uniform Colors

Larger projects utilizing stone veneers require a lot of product. One common problem is a subtle color difference when the product is gathered from a variety of sources. The color difference may not be great, but it can be enough to make it noticeable after installation. Always make sure that the products needs for your project are gathered from the same stone source.

Never Settle for Less Than You Want

A natural looking veneer made from stone can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Take the time needed to explore all of the options available before settling on any particular product. You do need to keep a budget in mind, but remember that this is an improvement project that is designed to last for many years. You want to love the end results.

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