Are you looking to implement SEO into your website? Maybe you have started and want to up your game. Regardless of where you are, having an SEO strategy is what all businesses need. Search Engine Optimization may be complicated, but you can start with some basics and build from there.

As you expand your reach and learn to better target your audience, your brand will grow online and produce amazing results. SEO can do wonders to boost a website’s presence online. However, it may take a bit of work getting set up with a new website.

Here is a crash SEO tutorial for beginners:

What is a search engine?

We all use them, even if we don’t realize it. Every time you go to look up something online, whether it’s on Google, Bing, Facebook or even Youtube, you are using a search engine. At its basic, it is a software program to help you find information by looking for the keywords and phrases you type. You put in what you want information, and search results show up.

When people look up stuff on the net in your niche, you want to be found. Showing up on search engines, especially on the first page, in what you need to do otherwise, your competitor’s website will get visited instead of yours.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique of optimizing visibility when an organic search is on a search engine. If someone specifically types in your name or business, they will usually find you. But for non-specific searches using words representing your brand and business, you also need to be found.

This is done by using keywords and phrases in all your online material, including:

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Social media

Search engines use algorithms to calculate the worthiness of a page based on relevant search queries. They use many factors to do this, but ultimately, you need to rank high. Information is collected and indexed through computer programmed “crawlers” that discover pages and links.

Your job is to optimize your page so you can rank high. You need to know what keywords people use in their searches to do this. An effective SEO Toronto agency can help you target the correct keywords to maximize your reach online.

SEO Keyword Searches

People search for information by typing in product names, materials, services and location. You can put any word into a search engine and get a result. You need to determine which words rank high in searches relevant to what you offer for your business.

You can look up Google Trends to see what is most popular. It will take a word or phrase and rank search terms per month but may not be the most searched words in your niche. It is better to target high-ranking words that align with your offerings.

Remember, Google ranks pages, not websites. This means the content on your website should vary from page to page and have keywords specific to what you are marketing on that page. You shouldn’t use too many general keywords as it is too broad a target, and the competition is too high. Hone in on what you are talking about on each page and use specific, popular keywords for it.

Use a keyword search tool to find what people are using when searching for your type of service or product.

SEO Content

Now that you build a list based on the top results of specific keywords, you need to write those into your copy. Your website (or Facebook page, YouTube channel, or social media) has text written all over the place. It will be in the form of:

  • Headers
  • Banners
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Picture/video descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Posts and updates

Weave those keywords so the algorithms find them and then appear in searches. Make sure your copy isn’t overloaded with keywords to the point that it doesn’t read well. You must have interesting and engaging content, so once people find you and come to your page, they stay for the content and convert to customers.

SEO Rankings

Once you start ranking on the search engines because of your SEO, you need to give people a reason to click. This means great titles and descriptions that attract people to follow through to your site. Use keywords and urgency with a call to action. It may seem complicated, but you can quickly see how to do it by typing something into Google and looking at the top results. This is the best way to learn because these sites are already crushing it.

This crash SEO tutorial for beginners is exactly that, a beginning. This tutorial shows you the basics and is meant to lead you deeper down the SEO rabbit hole. There are many strategies to implement once you get started, so use this tutorial to wet your beak and get you on the right track with the basics. Keep researching relevant keywords and including them in your content so you will rise in the rankings, and before you know it, you will dominate the first page of every search.

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