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Some statistics about the Main Canadian Cities

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[rt_service title=”Greater Vancouver Area” icon=”fa fa-search-plus”]A west coast seaport in British Columbia. Population: 603,500 (2011) Ref:UNdata[/rt_service]
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[rt_service title=”Greater Toronto Area” icon=”fa fa-map-marker”]The provincial capital of Ontario. Population: 2.615 million (2011) Ref:UNdata[/rt_service]
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[rt_service title=”Montréal” icon=”fa fa-sliders”]Montréal is the largest city in Québec. Population: 1.65 million (2011) Ref:UNdata[/rt_service]
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[rt_callout title=”Canadian Culture” btn_name=”More”]Culture activities accounted for 3.0% of Canada’s total gross domestic product (GDP) and 3.5% of jobs. Ref: 2014. [/rt_callout]

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