Car owners know all too well that a well-kept vehicle is a truly gratifying feeling. Since our cars are prone to a myriad of environmental factors, such as weather or debris, maintaining their appearance is key. Sometimes, however, you may want to go above and beyond just a simple paint job.

Enter the application of ceramic coating. The term has recently seen a surge in popularity, but many still do not know what does ceramic coating do, let alone its numerous advantages.

Here is a detailed walkthrough that explains what does ceramic coating do:

1. What is ceramic coating?

If this is your first time hearing about ceramic coating, your first question is probably “What does ceramic coating do?” In essence, ceramic coating relates to a liquid-based polymer that is manually applied by hand. The person applying the polymer puts the coating onto the exterior of the respective vehicle. Afterwards, it will chemically bond with the car’s current paint job.

What makes ceramic coating so useful is that it provides an added layer of protection for your car. The paint on your car is then effectively protected from external hazards, which may impede on the overall vehicle’s appearance. Our cars are not immune from hindrances. However, ceramic coating works to alleviate your car from some of these problems.

2. Optimal Protection Alternative

When damage to your car’s paint job becomes a real threat, many options are available to assist you. Take, for example, the application of paint protection film. This is an industry-standard way of granting your car’s paint an extra level of shielding from external threats.

Many car enthusiasts, on the other hand, believe that this is simply not efficient. Instead, ceramic coating is often regarded as the more viable alternative. As it pertains to paint protection film and waxing, ceramic coating works to neutralize things such as dirt, grime and other unwanted stains.

3. Longevity

Your car is a pricey investment. Things such as gas and insurance don’t get cheaper overtime. As such, you’ll want to do everything in your power to maintain the vehicle’s longevity. For paint protection purposes, ceramic coating is made to safeguard your car’s appearance for years.

For the most part, ceramic coating can last anywhere from one to three years. Depending on the brand itself, this may stretch even longer, if your car is well maintained. For further protection, consider getting a high-quality level of coating. You can expect to get five or more years of protection with an application on your car, and may even receive a warranty as well.

4. Cleaner Appearance

The naked, human eye can detect whether or not a car has aged well or poorly. The applied paint job does a lot to improve or mitigate this particular factor. With ceramic coating, your vehicle will appear to be that much cleaner. With dirt and grime having a harder time to bond to its exterior, the coating helps to stimulate a more youthful appearance overall.

5. Enhanced Paint Job

With respect to the actual paint on your vehicle, ceramic coating aids in making it look fresher. Your car, when the coating is applied, will receive a translucent, glossy look. Consider it to be a second skin; the coating protects the actual paint and works to ward off external threats. Just be sure to have a professional conduct the proper prep work beforehand.

6. UV Protection

Overtime, the sun’s rays will work to diminish the look of your vehicle’s paint. This is because the UV light from the rays makes the paint oxidize. By applying ceramic coating to your car, you reduce the potential for oxidation to occur. This can be a lifesaver for car enthusiasts, especially in the summer when you want your vehicle to shine!

7. Application Cost

All of this may sound too good to be true for car owners everywhere. However, it is important to recognize that this coating is an investment in and of itself. A professional ceramic coating can cost you about five-hundred dollars, depending on how much prep work is involved. You can choose to do it yourself, but it is still recommended to go the way of a professional.

8. The Scratch-Resistance Question

Ceramic coating comes with numerous advantages, particularly when it comes to preventing minor scratches. However, it isn’t completely scratch-resistant, as larger objects may still be a risk. Be sure to take care of your car’s overall maintenance, and this shouldn’t pose an issue.

If you have the money, giving your vehicle a ceramic coating application is certainly a great idea. Your car’s appearance will last beyond its initial lifespan, while granting you some peace of mind about maintenance. Plus, if you are willing to invest the hours, you may be able to apply the coating yourself! If not, always go the route of hiring a professional for the actual job.

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