In our modern society, accidents are bound to occur in some fashion. Thankfully, many of these incidents are minor in scope. They do not cause much harm to any party involved in the grand scheme of things. However, the more serious accidents can have serious repercussions in many areas.

Take, for example, a car accident, which can be troublesome for those involved in the collision. Sometimes, drivers, for whatever reason, may decide to lie about the context of their situation. If this happens and the driver gets caught, there are serious consequences to expect at some point.

Here’s what happens if you are lying about injuries in a car accident:

1. Confrontations

Most drivers will have to gather their bearings during the actual accident to assess what just happened. As long as everyone is okay, a conversation can begin to determine who was at fault. However, serious verbal altercations may happen if one driver decides to lie about what happened to them.

You never know what the other party may feel, especially in the aftermath of such a traumatic event. Should you decide to lie about what happened to you physically, you may aggravate the situation. Of course, you should never take matters like this into your own hands.

2. Criminal Charges

When dealing with the aftermath of a car collision, there will be a police presence at some point. Once the officers arrive at the scene, they will make statements about what transpired. In the subsequent weeks, there will be a more meticulous review of the accident.

After everyone has been assessed legally, repercussions could be brought forward if you are caught lying. Most of the time, some form of criminal charges will be laid out, depending on the extent of the lie. Falsified statements are never a good way to get yourself out of a situation, especially in a car accident. Instead, consult with a personal injury lawyer Oshawa to determine your best course of actions after a car accident.

3. Denied Claims

Car accidents will usually get to a point where it needs the involvement of each person’s insurance companies. After things cool down, each person will have to exchange information, which will need to claims sought after. To make things as detailed as possible, the extent of the damage done, including injuries, will have to be recorded.

However, if you happen to get caught lying when discussing your perceived incurred injuries, there will be trouble. Most of the time, your claim will be denied since you were not validating what transpired. It is important to know that this will probably be the least severe accident consequence.

4. Increased Premiums

Trying to skirt around insurance company policies will lead to trouble down the road. At some point, your lie will be caught, leading you down a road of serious penalties. When it comes to your specific insurance arrangement, you may come to find that you have gotten your premiums raised.

Your premiums could skyrocket since you lied about what happened to you during the accident. Studies have found that drivers caught lying about what happened to them saw premiums increased by seventy percent! Therefore, lying about what transpired and simply telling the truth is not worth lying.

5. Cancelled Policy

At the very worst, at least when it comes to your insurance product, you may find that you have no more insurance. Insurance companies are extremely serious about having truthful relationships with their customers. However, since lying is a huge crime, you will be punished for it when the lie is eventually discovered.

Insurance companies are organizations that do not want lying customers who try to steal their funds. To make matters worse, it may be extra challenging for you when trying to find a new insurance policy. There will be some record of the lie made, and it can follow you for years.

6. High-Risk Labelling

In some other situations, you may be labelled by your insurance company as a high-risk driver. This occurs when the deception is discovered, but your insurance company does not want to completely be rid of you. Instead, you will be given a label of being high-risk by a company.

This labelling type means that any arrangements you have next will be scrutinized. As it turns out, you simply do not want to lie about what has occurred. Even though car accidents are a terrible event, lying to get yourself above it will simply not cut it at all. To stay on the safe side of things, honesty will always remain the best policy to get you through it!

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