The immigration process is long and trying. We know. Your immigration lawyer may have failed to tell you how long it would take but you can rest assured that once you have gone through the Canada immigration process and gotten your Canadian citizenship – it will be all worth it.

Your immigration lawyer agency is here to shed some light on a few places to which you may find most welcoming and most friendly to immigrants. So check out these fantastic cities and welcome to your new home.

10 Places In Canada Great For Immigrants


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Vancouver offers some of the best climate and atmosphere. Home to many people of Southeast Asian descent as well as China – this is becoming one of Canada’s most sought-after locations for immigrants. With a beautiful atmosphere and a business grow ever more abundant this is a great option.


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Markham is a suburb in Toronto and home to a large immigrant population. Aesthetically pleasing as well as family orientated.

# 3 –  SAANICH, B.C.

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Saanich is culturally diverse and is home to the first nations people. Saanich resides in Victoria and is relatively safe when compared to other cities.


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West Vancouver is the wealthiest city on this list and unemployment is almost nonexistent here. So if you are looking for a great city and work as well, this may be the city for you.


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Oakville has been seeing a steady increase in immigrants with most people coming from South Asia and then China afterward. This city also has a very low unemployment rate.


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This is the most populous city on the list, as well as one of the most expensive cities on this list. However, with employment being so high it isn’t so bad.


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Richmond is an excellent place for family-orientated immigrants. Richmond has minimal crimes, affordable housing and unemployment are relatively low.


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Calgary is the third largest city in Canada and the first in Alberta. This is an excellent place for people with professions such as engineers, miners, and business.


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Vaughan is another great city for families and immigrants looking for work. This city is home to many manufacturing jobs and retail jobs. So work is more than abundant.


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Burlington offers a great lifestyle. A great place to raise a family, find work, low crime rate, and housing prices declining.

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