You can do a lot with a little. If you want less furniture in the bedroom or if you’re working with limited space, we’ve got some excellent options on how to maximize the space you do have available. Regardless of what your personal style or aesthetical beliefs may be, and what you believe minimalism to be, these are bedroom furniture ideas worth checking out.

Below are the thirteen minimalist bedroom furniture your need for your house:

1. Mounted over-the-bed lamp


When it comes to minimalist bedroom furniture, lighting in a bedroom is important. If you enjoy reading in bed or doing something requiring lighting outside of your smartphone’s backlit screen, normally, you’d go for a lamp.

A bedroom inspired by minimalism and looking to save on space may go for a lamp mounted direct to the wall above and beside the bed. Save space and, perhaps more importantly, make your bed a little cooler.

2. Bookshelf

Whether you’re a big reader or not, we all read. Books are not just about communicating information, either. They can be just as effective as a décor piece or self-expression. A small bookshelf with a select number of your favourite books and wholesale home decor is a nice showpiece. It gives you something outside of the normal minimalist barrel to play with.

3. Black side table

One of the most common bedroom minimalist furniture pieces out there is the black side table. Why side tables are so popular is because they’re needed by anyone in bed. No one wants to sleep on a bed wrapped in a bunch of cables from their smartphone or, in the night, to roll over on a book you’re reading. A side table is where to conveniently put all of those things that, normally, you take to bed with you.

4. Frameless round mirror

A bedroom is a room of self-reflection and we mean this literally as well. A frameless mirror adds entire new dynamics, helping to liven up a small space while also expanding it. Adding it immediately across from a window, lights, color, or a painting, you also reflect that décor or lighting in a whole new way.

5. Rug

If you intend to dedicate your bedroom to a few different activities, such as having a small desk in there, a rug can help to create some separation. A lot of bedrooms would be too small to incorporate a rug in a minimalist way but if there’s significant size, this is a way to add texture without populating the room with furniture you don’t need nor want.

6. Hanging hooks

A simple hook on the back of your door or a collection of hooks beside the door gives you somewhere to put sweaters, towels, keys, or hanging decorations. There are a variety of styles encompassing hanging hooks. They’re well worth considering for small bedrooms.

7. Sculpture

Even in a minimalist bedroom, you can have conversation pieces. A large sized sculpture or a sculpture that sits on a table in the corner emphasizes personality and should add something unexpected. When we think ‘minimalism’, too often we think of what’s boring and drab and homogenized. Even in minimalism, you’ve got to work it to make it your own.

8. The bed frame

In a minimalist bedroom, one piece of furniture everyone’s going to have is a bed frame. Minimalism-inspired bed frames are out there, with storage included. This is a great way to maximize space while choosing a real strong focal point around which you can build the remainder of your bedroom furniture.

9. Every color tells a story

When you have few pieces of bedroom furniture, every color or print used counts. If you like decorating, don’t hesitate to play with the motifs and to re-design classic minimalist furniture to reflect your own interests. Minimalism isn’t about randomly accumulating furniture from a minimalism-supporting IKEA or modular furniture store. It’s about thoughtfully curating your bedroom to match you!

10. Curtains

Curtains don’t take up very much space, even in a small bedroom, and add a new color or palette of aesthetic designs. You can keep bedroom curtains simple and plain in a single monochrome design or go with a print.

11. Corner chair

An underrated piece of bedroom furniture is the corner chair. This is somewhere to put your clothing as you undress at night, a place to put a pet, or is simply nice as a décor piece. Though you can go with your everyday minimalist-inspired black chair, there are other more unique minimalism-inspired designs. Don’t hesitate to get creative, if you’re looking to self-express a bit more.

12. Closet storage

There are several pieces of closet storage and bedroom furniture out there, or alternatively dressers, which can be used to store clothing. Though these can be quite large, they add organization to a bedroom and aren’t visually complicated.

13. Plants

There are a number of ways to incorporate plants in a minimalist bedroom. You can have a hanging plant coming down from the ceiling, position one on a shelf you’ve built or a bedside table, or alternatively one on the window sill. If you have pets though, be sure you’re putting a plant in a safe place and that it’s not poisonous to your special furry friend!

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