Every home has a different style, set in its own unique neighborhood and in configuration with amenities around it. For home colour palettes and house painting colour combinations, you’ve got a lot to consider. You can go classic or bold, colourful or minimal, eye catching detail or luxe polished.

Here are fourteen house painting colour combinations that will add style and sophistication:

1. Gray, white, and dove

Gray, white, and dove is a very North American historic house painting colour combination. Cottages and vacation homes close to the ocean often take on an aesthetic like this. If you aren’t looking for a classic look, move on to our next colour combination.

2. White, grey, and dark blue

If you have a patterned home, such as with bricks, a colour combination like white, grey, and blues can look very interesting. This is one of those house painting colour combinations that can either be very creative and attention-grabbing or very safe.

3. White and green

If you want something simple or if your home is on the smaller side, you don’t need three colours. Use two. White and green are a safe bet for interior painting, using the white as your base and green for accents. Charming and simple, you maximize your house aesthetics without having to take on a third colour.

4. Black, white, and Mediterranean blue

This house painting colour combination is inspired by the homes of Greece, Spain, and northern Europe. A pure white dressing the home with black as a way to create boldness and pop out elements like the window and door frame work well. Add to that a Mediterranean blue door. Beautiful!

5. Black, white, and ruby red

This is a gothic-esque colour combination for a home. Paint large pieces white, using the black contrast as your frame. A little ruby red here and there only adds to the dark mystique of a property.

6. Carbon black and white

A classic black and white colour scheme is a risk for many house painters. What we recommend is to use the white as your base and then black to highlight window shutters, the door, and any additional frames.

The black and white can quickly descend into something horror-style if too much dark is used. Essentially, one will want to think of this as a pure white house. The carbon black is only there as a framing device on windows, doors, and trim.

7. White, clay, and mossy green

Few homes take on the mossy green look, but these house painting colour combinations work well in neighborhoods with a lot of green. Forest green makes your home resemble almost a plant or natural environment. The white and clay look can be adopted on the roof tiles and other areas to avoid the ‘green-only house’ appearance.

8. Pale pink, white, and azure

A pink house is a bold move. You run the risk of being ‘the pink house’ but if you don’t mind the colour, a pale pink-painted home with select uses of white and azure really brings together a throwback Floridian or even Californian-style vibe.

9. Deep sea, white, and red

Use a deep sea teal to paint your siding in, with the white used to dress up the framework and accentuate. Be careful with the red on this house painting colour combination. You may not even need it but in case you feel something’s missing, a little red is better than a lot.

10. Submarine gray, dusty gold, and white

As one of the riskier house painting colour combinations, there’s submarine gray, dusty gold, and white. If you have dual elements paired together in the appearance of your home, a trade-off between the gold and white can be interesting. The submarine gray is what really holds everything down.

11. Yellow, white, and black

A yellow home is a sunny, welcoming home perfect for grandparents and families. Add to a dominating yellow some white to highlight architectural features along with some black for depth, and you will have on your hands a very stylish home.

12. Olive green, oak, and white

If you have a lot of intricate architectural details to work with, you don’t want to cover those in house paint. You also don’t want to leave it plain though. Muted tones work well, such as olive green, oak, and white. None of this will take away the natural beauty that already exists on a home.

13. Ivory, white, and aqua

House painting colour combinations like ivory, white, and aqua are formal, elegant, and classic. This is a light coloured palette that will soften a home to its surroundings. The finished product is not eye-catching to most but it gives a backdrop on which your front garden or landscaping takes the focus.

14. Mocha chocolate, ocean blue, and pale blue

A dark-to-blue colour scheme is a bold move but one that can help spruce up a property by ocean or a home that’s buried in between trees. Have the larger areas going with a light, pale colour and then gradually moving to the darker mocha chocolate in the details.

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