When it comes to marketing, you can never be too prepared. It is a lengthy, meticulous process, and often comprises of many components. From the social media rollout, to the graphic design, you will need to make sure they all fit into your specific plan. You may have to go to a trade show, for example, in order to advertise your business or product.

If this is the case, bringing a stand up banner to complement your marketing can do wonders. An effective banner stand will draw attention, allowing you to reach the widest possible audience. Should you be interested in creating and implementing one, make sure you pay attention to the banner design.

The best banner design ideas will maximize the potential of your marketing. Here are eight different stand up banner design ideas:

Idea #1: The Logo

Every entrepreneurial endeavor, or corporate entity, will have a logo as part of their stand up banner design idea. This is a given, since it represents the business in a visualized fashion. When you are designing your stand up banner, try to leave some space for your logo to stand out. It is a crucial part of your marketing, and needs to be placed in a spot that garners attention.

For the best possible visualization, try to keep your logo at the top. The top portion of a stand up banner is generally where most eyes will look to first. Spotting the logo in an easy-to-find location will allow new viewers to continue reading the banner’s information, as they further move down.

Idea #2: Colour

Gone are the days when businesses could get away with simple black-and-white imagery. Unless you specialize in this niche, you should do your best to stray from this mostly bland application. Thankfully, there is an upside to this. You have a plethora of colored choices to pick from!

Using vibrant, striking colors will guarantee that viewers notice your stand up banner without fail. Just be aware of the mechanics that go into making an effective banner with color. Choose colors that support your logo first and foremost, before taking into consideration other choices. If you require assistance, check out the myriad of websites that will spark your imagination!

Idea #3: Spacing

Sometimes, less can be so much more. This old adage is especially important as it pertains to stand up banner design ideas. You don’t want too much text and information going onto a banner, as this can muddy the waters very quickly. However, the opposite is just as true, in terms of quantity.

Try to keep only the most important details on the banner, and space them out evenly. That way, it won’t be too much of an eye sore. Remember, verbalizing the most pertinent information to interested parties is much more important than what is initially read on your banner.

Idea #4: Sizing

Similar in vein to chosen colors or text spacing, you want the banner itself to be appropriately sized. Being too large lessens the visual impact it will have, but being too small means it won’t be seen regardless.

As such, think about the staging you will have for your company’s presentation. This will help give you an idea as to how reasonably sized your banner will be.

Idea #5: Supplement With Other Marketing Components

Your stand up banner shouldn’t be the only piece of marketing used in your presentation. For maximum efficiency, it should accompany other parts as well, in order to create a holistic view of your company.

Try using a stand up banner in conjunction with table covers, for example. Once your business is visualized accordingly, the eyes will, naturally, come along.

Idea #6: Design Appeal

Depending on how artistic you want your stand up banner to be, you may opt for a thematic visualization. This encompasses the entire banner into a certain aesthetic, magnifying its overall appeal.

Just be aware that too much of this design application may overwhelm its appearance. Experiment accordingly, and you may find one that fits in with what you are going for.

Idea #7: Imaging Quality

No stand up banner design is complete without images. Just be mindful of the quality of these images, before you have your banner printed. They’ll have to be programmed as high-definition in a software program first, in order to have it printed out with maximized quality.

Idea #8: Experiment

The best way to predict how your presentation will go, is to practice prior to the actual date. This entails getting all segments of your marketing materials, including your stand up banner, and setting them up in a requisite space. Should you find a setup that you aren’t comfortable with, edit it and try for the next best result.

Generally speaking, your stand up banner needs to have effective coloring, text spacing, and sizing to succeed. There are many ways you can go about designing one, but trial and error is most often needed. Put your imagination to work, and you’ll eventually find the best design!

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