The real estate industry in Canada has been booming over the past decade recapturing its past glory and excitement for real estate agents. With giant leaps in real estate CRM technology and innovation, today, real estate agents can show their real estate properties with a click of a button to prospective buyers all over the world.

In addition, the world of cyberspace has allowed real estate agents to spruce up homes with Photoshop and make any home look like an elegant million dollar mansion. With a huge real estate market, this has made some real estate agents very famous. If you are looking to purchase a home and you want to deal with some of the most famous real estate agents in town, then it is always a good idea to get the best of the best.

Here are eight notable names that may just help your dream come true:

1. Bob Dhillon – Alberta Real Estate Agent

Bob Dhillon is one of the most famous real estate agents in Alberta, where he has established Mainstreet Equity Corp. With a solid insight into the real estate industry, Bob became a billionaire during the Alberta oil boom.

With a large team under him, Dhillon offers the latest news on the real estate markets, has solid connections with the media, and most importantly, his name alone is synonymous with trust and respect. He also has a very strong social media following, and his content tends to gain quite a bit of traction.

2. Michael Thorne – British Columbia Real Estate Agent

Michael Thorne is one of the top real estate leaders in British Columbia. Not only do potential home buyers listen to him, but fellow realtors pay attention to his words. He is active on social media with new videos being uploaded on his website regularly. In fact, he has own personal brand on YouTube called “Mobile Agent TV.” He offers cutting edge advice for new home buyers and what to be beware of.

3. Erwin Szeto – Hamilton Real Estate Agent

Erwin Szeta from Hamilton, ON has received four consecutive real estate agents of year awards from 2015 to 2018. He also has quite a following on his podcast “The Truth About Real Estate Investing Canada.” Szeto is not only a great real estate entrepreneur; he is also a blogger, speaker, and a philanthropist.

4. Stefan Aarnio – Winnipeg Real Estate Agent

Stefan Aarnio from Winnipeg is an award-winning real estate entrepreneur and the author of the popular book “Self Made: Confessions of a Twenty-Something Self Made Millionaire.” Stefan has built a multi-million dollar real estate business and has several other streams of income. He was recently named among the top real estate influences in Entrepreneur’s Magazine. Aarnio has a robust personality and an online presence that is hard to miss.

Do you think you know your Canadian real estate? Prove it!

The nation’s housing market has never been more complex than it is now. Whether you are someone who dreams of becoming a real estate or you want to purchase the home of your dream within a budget, then these are the professionals that you need to be aware of. They will ensure that you will reach your goals when you venture into this industry.

5. Shawn Ziegelstein – Richmond Hill Real Estate Agent

Shawn Ziegelstein, leader of Team Zold, is fast becoming a giant in the real estate industry. He conducts his real estate deals from Richmond Hill, where he is most well known. Shawn has transitioned quickly from the world of print to digital technology, which has allowed him to capture a sizeable market of real estate buyers. He continues to be a media darling, selling multimillion-dollar homes to businessmen all over Toronto and Canada.

6. Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos – Ottawa Real Estate Agent

Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos is a name one will encounter when dealing with real estate in Ottawa. Dimitrios has a large group of professionals who work with him, promoting his ideas on social media and selling all types of homes to the wealthiest people in Canada. He has an impressive group of dedicated followers on social media because he is always the first to post the best homes for sale.

7. Daniella Aitken – Oakville Real Estate Agent

Daniella Aitken is another very successful real estate agent from Oakville, Ontario. She has been trailblazing through the real estate market with the practical use of social media and her hilarious posts. This Ontario native not only offers practical advice on home buying but shares her concerns about the cost of buying a home. Most consumers identify with her because of her honesty and down to earth attitude.

8. Ken LeBlanc – Canada Real Estate Agent

Ken LeBlanc is the founder and CEO of Propertyguys and has built a solid reputation among home buyers in Canada. His team has streamlined the process of home buying for consumers by sharing news and offering advice. Ken encourages all his agents to be social media savvy, which he believes is the future of real estate sales.

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