Working in the education field can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. But being a teacher is not for everyone, and even those who feel called to enter this profession can end up feeling overworked and exhausted. Fortunately, there are many jobs in the education field besides teaching.
If you enjoy working with kids and making a positive difference in their lives, you should consider one of these jobs in education field besides teaching if you don’t want to become a teacher:

Job #1: Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the most common jobs in education field besides teaching. If you don’t want to teach in front of a whole classroom, you could become a tutor instead of a teacher. A tutor works with a small group, or with only one child at a time. Their job is to help students address their weaknesses in one school subject, so they can catch up with their peers.

Tutors can also teach new subjects to students who want to keep learning and get ahead during the summer, for example. This job is similar to the job of a teacher, but it doesn’t require as much work.

Job #2: Education assistant

Education assistants are there to make the jobs of teachers easier. Their role is to support teachers by preparing their classrooms for lessons, by supervising their students, by monitoring them during lunch breaks and recess, and by accompanying them during fun field trips.

In an online education assistant course, you are trained to know how to assist special needs students, as well as the ones who simply need more support than others to succeed. As an education assistant, you could find work in either a public or private school.

Job #3: Principal or vice-principal

If you are not afraid of administration roles, you could become a school principal or vice-principal. The role of a principal or vice-principal is to oversee one, or more than one school, and to supervise school operations.

They also work with teachers and school staff to create a safe, productive and positive learning environment for all students. Of course, such a position demands a lot of work, but it can be a fulfilling career path for someone who is passionate about education but doesn’t want to teach.

Job #4: Admissions counsellor or recruiter

Admissions counsellors and recruiters can work for public schools, private schools, and colleges. Admissions counsellors are the ones who look at the strengths and weaknesses of students, and help them search for the right college or career path.

Admissions recruiters have a similar role, but they promote the school or college they work for, and are responsible for recruiting prospective students.

These two professions can be ideal for someone who enjoys working with students, but doesn’t want to be responsible of a classroom.

Job #5: Education policy researcher

If you are fascinated by the education field, but don’t feel the need to work with kids or teenagers, you could have a rewarding career as an education policy researcher. The role of education policy researchers is to evaluate case studies to determine which policies have failed, and which ones are working.

They can also take a close look at the education system to determine its strengths and weaknesses, with the purpose of suggesting new ways to improve it.

Job #6: School psychologist

School psychologists can be employed by a school, or have a private practive. This job is perfect for those who are passionate about psychology and who really enjoy working with children.

School psychologists provide support to students who are going through challenging situations. They help them succeed emotionally, behaviourally, socially, and academically, and they aim to create a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone.

They are also qualified to identify different conditions children can struggle with, and to recommend the right course of treatment.

Job #7: Homeschool consultant

Some students are homeschooled, and homeschool consultants are needed to ensure the education they receive is up to the standards of their province, and that they are being taught their school material in a way that will make grade advancement and graduation possible for them.

Homeschool consultants are hired by parents, and their main role is to help them meet their needs. They can make well-researched recommendations about homeschooling programs, and about different options that parents can turn to to make learning fun and interesting for their child.

Job #8: Test developer

If you enjoy working behind the scenes, you could become a test developer. Their job is to create and revise the different tests and exams that are taken by students. They write the questions, as well as the answers, that will be used to assess the comprehension and the knowledge of students.

As you can see, there are different types of opportunities in the education field, besides teaching. These are only a few examples of career paths you could turn to if you want to work with children, or for them.

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