The vaping industry has been attacked by people and the government for a long time now. The sad thing is that most of the reasons people give for such attacks are baseless. They are misguided opinions generated from fictitious stories about the relationship between vaporizers and normal cigarettes. Here are some of the common myths about vaping.

E-Liquids are dangerous

This is a common myth used by non-vapers and those who don’t know anything about the industry. There are only three ingredients used in e juice. Depending on who wants to vape Canada, the manufactures can use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and natural food flavor to make the liquid. One can also choose to add nicotine. Except for nicotine, which is optional, other ingredients are available in common food products and drinks.

You expose yourself to formaldehyde when you vape

Many people associate vaping with the infamous formaldehyde. A study done in England caused a stir among vapors when it maliciously revealed that vaping causes people to inhale formaldehyde. Unless one vapes at dry-hit conditions, there is no harm in enjoying the e cigarette.

E-liquids have secondhand smoke

This is also another common myth that people bring up so often. Vapor cigarettes do not emit secondhand smoke like the traditional variants. They do not emit smoke because there is no combustion that takes place. The e-cigarettes emit water vapor instead of smoke. They have more pleasant smell than the traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is not good for the environment

People often associate e-cigars with bad habits that destroy the environment. They are quite eco-friendly. Those who use traditional cigarettes often litter places with thousands of cigar butts all the time. There is no cigar butt produced when you vape. The cigarettes designed for vapers are powered by batteries that are rechargeable and recyclable. The traditional cigarettes are major contributors to forest fires and death of aquatics animals. They are also major air pollutants.

E-cigarettes are not safe to operate

There are a lot of tragic stories circulated in news outlets about the potential dangers of operating e-cigarettes. Most of these claims do not have authentic sources and are just fabricated to tarnish the name of the industry. If used properly, e-cigarettes cannot harm anyone. They are designed with effective safety protocols, especially custom vapes. It is only through misuses that the cigarettes can be dangerous to the vaper.

In summary, vapers should try as much as possible to debunk misleading myths about vaping. They should combat those who spread false information in order to protect the industry. It has made huge steps and the least thing we want is to bring it back to zero. We should also try to educate the importance of substituting smoking with e-cigarettes.

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